November 25th, 2009


Bento # 663 & 664

I'm quite impressed with myself. I made today's bento (# 554) after coming home from the company christmas drunk feast party and all things considered I think it came out quite nicely...

Bento # 663
Bento # 663
Potato/pork stew topped with carrot Kitties and mini corn cob flowers. Fish Fingers. Satsuma and kiwi.
Bento # 664
Bento # 664
Pasta with ketchup and parmasan, adorned with carrot. Dates. Onigiri-shaped egg. Corn cob. Broccoli. Ramune-candy.

Work of Art

Hi folks, here is a bento I posted on bentochallenge. This week's topic is to make a bento that recreates a famous work of art. And what work of art is more famous (or awesome) than the Dogs Playing Poker? It's very crude but I had fun making it.

Background is bread with pasta sauce. Table is spinach leaves over cheese slice. The rest are made from various bits of cheese, radish, carrot, dates, almonds, grapes, red cabbage and a Triscuit.
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Two Bento and a Recipe

The first is rice noodles with prawns, mange tout, and seaweed with a soy sauce, sweet chilli and lime dressing, with steamed pak choi with soy and ginger and gyoza with gyoza dipping sauce

The second is egg fried rice with chicken tenders, a rabbit of tonkatsu sauce and soy and ginger courgettes

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