November 23rd, 2009


Bento # 662

For once a bento of mine with actual onigiri *L* Mostly because I had some leftover rice and my kid is totally mad about this "russian salad" which is basically pickled beet root in mayo. Great as a sandwich spread so now I'm giving it a go as onigiri-filling.

Bento # 662
Bento # 662
Ovenbaked beet roots, carrots, squash and potatoes, adorned with a little steamed broccoli and some carrot-Poohs. Kiwi slices, chicken hotwings, onigiri with pickled beet roots and mayo and mini corn cobs.


Sandwich Bento... sort of!

I was asked to make a sandwich for mum's lunch tomorrow... there is a sandwich in there! Ham and mustard to be exact, then I got a little carried away. She also has pasta salad, some tomatoes, an Italian Stuffed Dough Ball, some carrot and pepper sticks and some dried apricots, dried cranberries, almonds and two fruit gummys. However, I'm pretty certain she just wanted the sandwich. Oops!
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Fake Curry with white rice

Having never had real curry before, and not knowing what it tastes like, I'm only guessing that the recipe I use is halfway decent. I like it though..

I'd like to thank you guys for answering my earlier questions. :-) And if my image is too large, please let me know.