November 19th, 2009

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I had to order a new bento. I dropped the top to one of our plastic bento and the top is cracked nearly in half. Now I know I can still use the rest of the box, but it was a good excuse to order a couple of new stainless steel bento. Well, here is Baby Girl's lunch today:

Girl Scout Cookies
Mango, Kiwi and Pomegranate fruit salad
Rice with Fried Tofu, Sweet Potato and Chestnuts

Sorry part of the picture is out of focus. Still learning this new camera. I miss my old DSLR :(
good evening cat

Bento #5 and a call for motivation!

I feel like I've been getting off track lately in making bento but also in cooking for myself and eating healthy in general. Things such as illness and job craziness have been getting in the way. So, as I share this week's bento with you all, I'd like to pose a question: What keeps you "on track" with bento (and healthy eating in general if you'd like to comment on that as well)? How do you motivate yourself to keep making them when life starts to get in the way?

For your viewing pleasure:

Top: yogurt with pecans and dried cranberries
Bottom: broccoli, mushrooms, rice
Not shown: supplemental beef patty I bought at the corner store because I was feeling down ^^;
totoro bento

Bento #267

I made this earlier this week. Winter and darkness and bad weather coupled with stress are having a bad impact on my cooking habits - I feel tired and lazy and just throw something together, or decide I'm too tired to make a bento and eat out for lunch. Not healthy!

This is a quickie, but tasty - stirfried carrot flowers, zucchini leaves, mushrooms and leek with tamagoyaki and some of the tiniest cherry tomatoes ever on noodles with sesame oil, mirin and soy sauce.

A note on the sesame seed decoration: How do you find the patience? They wouldn't stick, were horrible to handle and if you so much as look at them funny, the black peel comes off. I don't get it!


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