November 18th, 2009

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"free" box from allthingsforsale

possibly too small for lunch, i think i will have to bring some fruit outside of the box, but i managed to fit more in then i expected to. i know "free" things are not "free" when they require a minimum purchase, but i am still amused with this extra small box.

zucchini sauteed with cherry tomatoes, garlic, and herbs. smoked chicken apple sausage. roasted acorn squash with walnuts.
Keep Calm

Onigiri Bento

I competely forgot to make a bento last night so my mum had no lunch! In reparation for this tonight I made onigiri, which she loves. I don't know why I stopped making them to be honest it just seemed like a lot of hassle but I think I'll be making them more often again now. So, contents: 2 tuna mayo onigiri, a black forest cupcake, some groovy tomatoes, shelled edamame (for some reason they all burst from their shells while cooking them!) and some dried apricots and craisins with almonds underneath.
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