November 17th, 2009

612: travel bento

You know I love me a good travel bento. This is in a takeout container, so it's really large. Muffin will be in DC all day so needs lots of food. Pork barbecue, onigiri, corn, crackers (in the purple wrap), cheese, brussels sprouts and cucumber. And a monkey in a palm tree for a pick.
  • rinsly

first bento for my boyfriend

who i really hope does not ask for them always, because i don't feel like making 2 every day >.>. maybe that is why i am sending him to deal with football players with rabbit onigiris.

rabbit onigiri, roasted acorn squash, chicken wing, carrots, and chopped pear.

chicken wings for me as well, with penguin full of chili sauce and a hot pepper. also chopped pear, blue cheese, more squash, and a penguin foodpick.