November 16th, 2009

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Bento #109 - Twisted Turkey

Today's bento consists of leftovers from last night's dinner. Unfortunately, it all seems to be the same color. Here it is:

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Left to Right:
1 - Asparagus Risotto
2 - Roasted Fennel
3 - Grape Tomatoes
4 - Carrots
5 - Turkey Breast stuffed with mushrooms, onions & Swiss cheese

WW Flex Points = 7

Bento # 657

About a week ago I'd purchased a "striped beet" in a store - and more or less forgot about it. But last night I decided to cut it up and see if it was really striped. It looked more or less like a small turnip so I wasn't sure how it would look inside... But once it was sliced up, the prettiest sight emerged! I'm in love with striped beets!

Bento # 657
Bento # 657
Smoked mackerel. Carrot flowers. Corn Cob. Fried noodles with egg and vegetables, toppped with a flower made of spring onion and a striped beet root.


Husband's Lunch

Wow, it feels like forever since I posted a bento! My husband gets free lunch at work, and I'm unemployed currently so I haven't been packing lunches lately. But this week, his company is doing a "donate your lunch to charity" thing for Thanksgiving, so he has to bring his own food. :-) So without further ado, Monday's lunch:

He has:
Chicken salad with cherry tomatoes on a bed of baby spinach
Two onigiri with toasted sesame seeds
4 Navel orange segments
Dark chocolate M&Ms for dessert
Not shown: Banana, Green tea packet

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1-2 lunches (that adore you now, that's what I said oh)



In the bottom salmony rice with black pepper and black sesame seeds
In the top portion: Orange teriyaki chicken with pomegranate seeds and celery

Side note: This is the donburi bowl bento off
and it is fantastic!
and as a shout out to them I know they are expensive but last order I got from them they made a mistake and sent me the wrong item so I got to keep their error for free (!!!) and they sent me a replacement of the original item I had ordered in less than a week. Awesome.


This is just lock and lock with chicken, snow peas and mini sweet bell peppers stuffed with rice, tomato sauce and some cheddar cheese.

Bento # 658

Still enjoying myself with the striped beets. And now with a yello beet thrown in the mix! It's almost equally awesome, a lovely deep yellow. Unfortunately, the stripey beets lose their colour when they're boiled. Once I get some more I'll try baking them in the oven and see if they retain their colour then. But in any case it's still a very cool veggie!

Bento # 658
Bento # 658
Spinach ramen with striped- and yellow beet flowers. Carrot flower. Mini corn cob and spring onion. Chicken hotwings. Corn cob. More Carrot- and yellow beet flowers. Green pepper frog and -note.