November 15th, 2009

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beans and rice deconstructed

brown rice topped with black beans, tomato flowers, a cherry pepper, and seasonings. i should of put the seasonings under the tomatoes, in hindsight.

carrots with blue cheese to dip, and yogurt with pomegranate seeds (more seeds under yogurt at well)

simple, but should be good, and was very fast to make.
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Hi! I'm a brand-new member. Let's hope I get the posting rules right, please feel free to correct me if I do something wrong! :)

I have lately become re-obsessed with food - in a good way. I had gotten in a slump eating the same foods over and over, due to convenience and knowing that it was safe food to maintain my weight with (I got done with losing 96lbs in March...). Since my re-obsession, which is mainly Japanese food related, I have become excited about my meals again, and yes, I am still maintaining quite happily. I also invested in randomly adorable stuff and started making benton:

And for those who enjoy this type of stuff, Collapse )
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Monday's Bento

A pretty standard lunch here, two strawberry gummys in the top left, parkin (ginger cake) next to that, then dried apricots, 3 colours of cherry tomato (the yellow one is underneath), a mini chicken and mushroom filo pie, craisins and almonds next to that and edamame.

I'm experimenting to see how well stuff defrosts as I make my bento the night before and they have over 12 hours in a fridge to defrost so I left the edamame and pie frozen and we'll see how we go. They can always be microwaved if they don't defrost soon enough!
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