November 12th, 2009

Happy Couple

Bentos #141, 142 and 143

In honor of Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary, and this weeks bentochallenge.

C is for Cookie

DH wanted Cookie Monster for his bento.
Left tier has a Cookie Monster made from Jasmine Rice dyed blue with Nori for his mouth and eyes, on top of a leaf of Romaine Lettuce. Below Cookie Monster is some left over Mongolian beef.
Right tier has 3 chocolate chip cookies with the letter "C" drawn on with Buttercream (C is for cookie, after all,) Blue cheese dressing in yellow silicon mold, baby carrots and Celery.

Follow that bird!

I chose Big Bird for mine.

Left tier has Big Bird made from Jasmine rice dyed yellow, with a cheese beak and eyes colored with food markers. He sits atop a Romaine Lettuce and Mongolian Beef nest.
Right tier has 2 chocolate chip cookies, seedless red grapes, and sliced starfruit.

Number 143 has nothing to do with Sesame Street, it's a special request from one of the local policemen. I tried making his patch, but my food markers fail me once again, even after buying a new brand. But if it saves me from getting pulled over, it served its purpose, right? erm.

Don't ask

Turkey, Provolone cheese and lettuce with Honey Mustard sandwich, surrounded by chocolate chip cookies, seedless red grapes, Skittles, and some Tostitos.

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Pasta Bento

It's starting to get cold around here now, I don't think I'll feel my toes again til march, so the pasta with tomato and pepper sauce is in a separate box to be microwaved come lunchtime.  The other box has a mini pork pie, the last madeleines, a laughing cow cheese triangle, some cherry tomatoes and some sesame biscuit things. 
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Bento # 656

I'm stubbornly clinging to the idea that summer isn't all gone - although all I need is to look out of the windowat the grey, wet, windy, YUCKY weather... So I'm having my little bit of summer here in the bento instead...

Bento # 656
Bento # 656
Spaghetti and spicy sauce, covered with a flower made of ½ egg, green pepper and carrots. Corn Cob. more green pepper, grapes on a skewer. Shaslik from a can.