November 11th, 2009


Bento # 655

It is all the bikes' fault. I'd all but forgotten I'd bought those bike-shaped pasta but when I saw them in my bag of "funny pasta" I keep around, I got the idea to the traffic light scenario. And since it's far too seldom I have a reason to use my hiragana-cutters, I leapt to the possibility here and wrote とまれ (STOP!)

The horribly overexposed blob in the corner is a Cinnamoroll-shaped egg btw. I hate photographing eggs...

Bento # 655
Bento # 655
Egg, corn cob. Hotwings. Broccoli. Mini farfalle with spicy sauce. Pasta bikes. Traffic light is nori and bell peppers. とまれ(止まれ) made out of carrot

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it's been awhile, camera trouble

i have a bunch of pics trapped on my old camera and can't get them off bc the cord is borked. oh well. borrowed camera ftw. here (with contents listed under each) are this week's bentos thus far:

jalepeno shrimp tomatoes over brown rice with cumin. top tier is pomegranate in one side, avadado with lime juice and a babybel in the other.

yellow and green zucchini sauteed with cherry tomatoes and herbs. cut up pear with blue cheese wedge and walnuts.

whole wheat pasta, andouille sausage, left over sauteed zucchini with more tomatoes added. plain yogurt with pomegranate seeds and walnuts.

sliced steak over greenbeans with a hot cherry pepper on top. pears with blue cheese wedge and some walnuts. not pictured is the salad greens i will probably put everything on before i eat it, now that i realize exactly how protein centric this lunch is.