November 10th, 2009


Bento backlog - Bento # 650 - 654

I havent' posted in about a week - for several reasons. First of all, bento # 560, 2which should have been a little more celebratory ended up rather pathetic - but then it was made after I came home from a party and I was pretty far from being sober, so all things considered, it turned out ok I think. Then I was busy with various RL stuff, then out internet had a break down (OMG withdrawal-victims screaming and shouting all over the place!)
But now I'm back ^_^

Bento # 650
Bento # 650
Spaghetti with tomato sauce, decorated with cucumber, baloney and grated cheese. Roast duck, peas, broccoli, corn cob and a japanese ramune-candy
Bento # 651
Bento # 651
Vegetable/pork stew. Bruschetta. Grapes on skewers. conchili tricolore with garlic oil and parmasan cheese. Teddy face made with eggplant-peel.
Bento # 652
Bento # 652
turkey "cordon bleu", skewered grapes, ramune candy, cherry tomato. Fried ramen with vegetables, decorated with carrots and cucumber.
Bento # 653
Bento # 653
Mashed potato with sausage. Corn cob. Broccoli. Chicken hotwings. Cherry tomato. Carrot.
Bento # 654
Bento # 654
Broccoli, corn cob. Cherry tomato. Grape. Shaslik (from a can!) all decorated with carrot. Animal whole grain pasta with shaslik sauce, decorated with shizo furikake, grated parmasan and yellow pepper.

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Bento #56

I haven't posted in a while, but I haven't had time to make a bento for lunch lately.  So here's today's lunch.

Right Section: ham sandwich with muenster, pickles and mustard
Left Section: apple sauce, salad (w/ carrots, tomatoes and red peppers) and caesar dressing


2 lunches

Comfort food

Chicken noodle casserole with a very small amount of mashed potatoes
Red and green grapes


Grapes, flower/star carrots, pumpkin cake muffins, peanuts, Hershey's kiss, hotdog crab

I want to have more vegetables in my lunches, but I can't really get the fresh stuff. Anyone know any recipes (or where to find them) for frozen vegetables in one or two servings?

As always, if my pictures are too big, let me know. :-) Thanks!
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Bento #4 (and #3 behind cut)

After a week of no bento, here's #4! I was pleased with how this one turned out visually, even though I'm sure there's still room for improvement. Same for the photography. I'm definitely getting more used to how much food I need for a satisfying lunch.

Top: baby carrots, two leftover meatballs, brussels sprouts
Bottom: the rest of the brussels sprouts, roast beef and swiss cheese wrap

Bento #3, yesterday's bento, didn't come out that great, so I'll put it behind the cut.

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Italian Bento

Leftover Bruschetta from tonight's dinner are the main part then there are multi coloured tomatoes, some sort of sesame biscuit thing, two fruit gummys and some druit fruits and almonds and then a sort of italian brioche/cornetto thing with protective baking paper in case the apricot jam oozes.  The brioche thing was the result of a terrible recipe that managed to produce something delicious but was so not what I set out to cook!
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