November 9th, 2009

  • mushmo

Bento #107 - Glazed Meatballs

Today's Bento:

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Left to Right:
1 - Broccoli & Grape Tomato
2 - Onigiri (cylinders) Wrapped in Turkey Lunch Meat and an Egg Sheet
3 - Meatballs glazed with an spicy orange & ginger sauce 
4 - Baby Patty Pan Squash, sauteed
5 - Carrots

WW Flex Points = 7

The glaze I used to coat the meatballs is one I use frequently, it's very versatile and holds up equally as well on beef as it does on hearty fish (like salmon), poultry and pork.  It is the same glaze I used in Bento #40.  I've repeated the recipe here for your convenience.
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609: leftovers

I cleaned out the fridge on Friday and packed a bunch of leftovers for Muffin. Lately I just cannot seem to rouse myself to add any "cute" touches, I feel kind of bad about that. But on the other hand, I feel pretty good that I'm even making bento at all right now. Too much going on! So, sorry for the lack of cute. But arranging a lunch bento-style does do an effective job of using up a bunch of little leftovers.

Autumn joy

A couple of recent bentos

Fall Walk
Fall Walk
My family has been doing a lot of hiking this fall. As fall is wrapping up I put together this bento to commemorate these hikes. Tucked underneath are some brown rice and herb encrusted fish (leftover from last nights dinner). This is topped with roasted pepper leaves, a mixture of dried apricots and mangoes and some recess pieces.
Finger Tips
Finger Tips
My daughter is a big fan of the children's craft and cooking show Finger Tips. She saw the recipe for Omelette Faces and asked if we could make them (recipe can be found here). The two best went into Daddy's lunch for the next day, along with some veggies and a tapioca pudding.