November 6th, 2009

white outfit

(sale related post) group order?

now i know these are NOT classic Bento boxes (or even close, really) but many of us Bento fans also like the Laptop Lunchbox system.. so i thought i would ask here....

the webpage has a sale going on on the original "Laptop Lunchbox" in a carton of 24 sets.
now obviously most of us have no need for 24 of the things.... but i was wondering if enough of us have any interest..... we could do a group order and split a case.Collapse ) (i personally would like the black ones with teh red interior trays as they look more classicaly Japanese... and more grown up)

i have no financial interest in the company, nor do i usually retail these... i just like them and thought getting them at about half off retail was a good idea.