November 4th, 2009

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Bento #105 - Scotch Egg (Sorta)

Today's bento is a little sparse, I have to hit the grocery store today.  Here it is:

Left to Right:
1 - Refrigerator Pickles
2 - Scotch Eggs
3 - Broccoli
4 - Cous Cous

I'd been wanting to try Scotch eggs, but didn't want to bread & deep fry them, so these are my "faux" Scotch eggs.  Lean turkey sausage wrapped around quail eggs and baked.  The sample batch was very tasty, hopefully they will be good at room temperature too.

WW Flex Points = 4

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Hello again :)

I keep looking through the q and a but I cant seem to find my answers! :)
Thanks for your help with the rice cooker question! I ended up buying a 30.00 model for now and plan to upgrade if I use it quite a bit :)

Next question:

What is your favorite brand of sticky rice?

I am hoping for a good one for rice cookers. One thats practically no fail? lol. I am HORRIBLE at making rice but I want some good sticky rice for sushi and for Onigiri. I have heard that there is a brown rice Gen Ji Mai rice and wonder how it does in a rice cooker.

SO...tell me all your favorites? :) THANK YOU AGAIN!
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Make your own sandwich bento.

I made teeny tiny loaves of bread today so tomorrow's lunch is a make your own teeny tiny sandwich bento!  There's cheese, pickle, ham, laughing cow and salad for sandwiches and then almonds, craisins and mini chocolates for pudding. 
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