November 2nd, 2009


Bento # 649

Still clinging to the idea that summer and spring can't be gone - although looking outside on the storm and rain certainly negates that... :( I HATE autumn... So I'd rather have summer than autumn in my bentos...

Bento # 649
Bento # 649
Orzo decorated with chicken hotwings (ground and tree trunk), mini corn cob and bicolour-carrot-flowers. Chuu Totoro made of quail eggs. Tree leaves and -flowers from broccoli and baloney.

First real bento!

Hi everyone! I am back! I only get paid once a month, so I had to wait until the end of the this past week to go out and finally get a real bento! I am very much about how things look (I am a designer) so I was just so uninspired with bentos in regular tupperwear that I couldn't WAIT to get a real one again.

I went out to the local Japanese Market and entertainment store (One World Market and Mirai in Novi for this metro-Detroit-er) and got some much needed food supplies as well as a new bento box at a great price! However I forgot that I was just buying the box and not a strap as well so I have to use a rubber band til I can get out there again or shop online. But I found a ribbon to pretty it up. Mirai has a great selection of bento supplies (and it grows every time I am there) but I find most of the bentos are too small. I love these rectangular ones (which is what I used to use before I damaged them ;_; ) but they only had two different styles :/ I might just have to splurge online.

Anywho, here is my first bento of November (my birth month yay!) And I was nice to you guys and didn't take it with my iPhone again lol.

Top: Rice

Bottom: Chicken gyoza with roasted zucchini and carrots with a soy sauce piggy.

Also: Instant miso and cherry limeade crystal light.
Like I said, I am a very picky eater so there won't be many exciting ingredients, but finally eating it out of a real bento made it exciting again for me!!!
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More lunch

Here is my boyfriend and I's lunch
(another iphone photo sorry)


Main dish is beef steak, noodles and broccoli florets with hoisin and chilis
Then there are two Asian strawberry marshmallow things
Choco-banana pocky
and wasabi peas

Quite an Asian(ish) lunch