October 30th, 2009

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Bento #102 - Werewolf

My son asked to be a werewolf for Halloween this year, finally a non-movie/television costume!  I was so happy when he said werewolf. Collapse )

Here is a bento inspired by his costume.  (And, if your wondering, the "background" that the bento is sitting on is the shirt part of his costume.):

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Top to Bottom:
1 - Black Rice
2 - Curry Spiced Pulled Pork (under rice)
3 - Egg White Stars/Egg Yolk Moon/Nori Wolf
4 - Broccoli Trees
5 - Spinach (under broccoli)

WW Flex Points = 5
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Bento #103 - Halloween Fun

I'm going to school today for my son's Halloween costume parade/class party.  I thought I'd go early and have lunch with him, so I made a fun Halloween bento to take to school.  Here it is:

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Clockwise from Upper Left:
1 - Cheese Ball
2 - Skull & Bone Crackers
3 - Quail Egg Skulls
4 - Salad (under everything)
5 - Rice
6 - Nori/Lunchmeat/Carrot/Cheese Witch

WW Flex Points = 5

608: travel bento

I feel a little bad for not posting a wicked cool Halloween bento today, but Muffin is with her dad for a few days and this is the travel bento I did for her. This way she can throw it away instead of hoping he will wash out the box.

Hello Ktulu!

Backlog: How bento saved my (working) life

I just finished the worst working period of the year, and I'm happy to note that, once again, bento kept me good company during the (at least) 12 working hours per day without pause. And now, without further ado, let me introduce you my four bento-heroes!

Bento box #70

: roast-beef and mixed salad on hard wheat bread sandwich, more mixed salad and olive oil, vinegar and salt dressing in the HK container, apple slices and a chocolate-coffee treat, carrot sticks and some crunchy bread loops.

Bento box #71

Contents: chicken teriyaki on a bed of mixed salad, carrot sticks, apple slices and the omnipresent chocolate-coffee treat and more bread loops.

Bento box #72

Contents: jasmine rice with carrot flower accents, (not so yellow-ish) chicken and zucchini curry, another roast-beef, mixed salad and cheese sandwich. The water bottle is in for decorative purpose only. XD 

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Whew, THAT was a post!