October 29th, 2009


Bento # 647

Although Halloween isn't really celebrated here, it felt right with a Pumpkin et. al. themed bento this time :) I have so many halloween-cutters and stuff and it is a shame not to use them *L* so...

And I have a pumpkiin-shaped egg mold, but typically there was a part missing when I stood there with a scorching hot egg - so I had to grab the first I could lay my eyes on - and that was the rather out of seasoned ice cream one. So that's why.

Bento # 647
Bento # 647
Icecream-shaped egg. Corncob slices with carrot cut-outs on top. Chicken hotwings with yet another carrot cutting. Ramune candy. Bulgur cooked with tomato and peas decorated with carrots in various shapes and colours.


Charlie Brown

Kidlet and I watched the Charlie Brown special the other night and he requested a bento along that theme :D 

He has cheese drawn on with food color marker on top of a soy ham sanwich. On the side are a checkered apple, carrots, and strawberries with a pumpkin pick. I'm really pleased with how this one came out


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I haven't posted in a while. Still working on bentos but sort of got stuck in a rut I'm trying to bust out of now.

Three little pumpkins Three little pumpkins
A Halloween bento. The black background is a mix of squid ink pasta, black beans and black olives tossed in balsamic vinegar. The pumpkins are orange cherry tomatoes with nori faces. The second box is filled with carrots, cuccumber and pomegranate seeds.


Bento from last week

I've been missing in action for a while. Bento are still being made, just not photographed. I have gotten lazy, I'm afraid! But here are three from last week. I am sick at home this week so it's much more mundane sandwiches and soup and bread for the hubby's lunches.

Potato salad, sausage, edamame, cherry tomatoes

Chicken teriyaki, rice, cherry tomatoes, baby bak choy

Spinach with garlic and ikan bilis (anchovies), rice, black sesame seeds garnish, ginger and spring onion pork

Tonkatsu Obento

Some time ago I promised my friend Tori a tonkatsu obento, as opposed to the torikatsu I usually end up making. The flu has been making its rounds in our area and pretty much everyone is zapped... I thought now that she and I are done being sick, it would be a good time for some healthy and calorie rich food. *_* So I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning, to go about the task of making fresh tonkatsu and three obento.... surely something welcome on such a cold rainy day in the Portland area.

Tori's Obento

650ml Chichaimonchan box: Salted rice, tonkatsu, steamed broccoli, apple wedge, honey kabocha, Japanese potato salad, snow pea + shiitake mushroom fried in hoisin sauce. Not shown (and unceremoniously tucked in at the last minute): pink bottle of tonkatsu sauce

There was much gaiety at the table as we ate. I do believe she enjoyed it.

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Halloween Bento :)

I haven't posted much lately (and I think in nearly a month again :o)  I have gotten more in the habit of just posting them to my Facebook.  But I was really happy with today's, so here it is :)

Sept 29 ---

Week b4 last we got the BluRay of Nightmare B4 Christmas and I was inspired to do a Halloween Bento featuring Jack :) Rob and Kat were singing along with the movie :)

Tier 1: Mixed spring green salad w/ daikon skulls and Jack Skellington Sandwich - ham, salami and provolone w/ red pepper and daikon santa hat - faces done w/ nori

Tier 2: Cucumber, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, kiwi pumpkins and macaroni salad topped w/ black sesame seeds, daikon ghosts and carrot jack-o-lanterns

Light Hidden Valley Ranch in the container for the salad and veggies

The salad could have used more color around, but this was enough for one night :P lol

Darn, I should have done zero w/ the daikon - why didn't I think of that last night...

good evening cat

Bento #2

Everyone has been posting so many creative and wonderful Halloween bentos that mine might seem pretty lame in comparison, but I think I did a pretty good job for my second ever bento, and it was much more filling this time. Thanks to those of you who made suggestions!

Top (which is actually the bottom tier of the bento...I realized the picture was upside down too late and I don't feel like changing it now): fresh vegetable pasta from This recipe
Bottom: red bell peppers, olives, canned tuna with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
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K's Halloween Bento

Halloween Bento
My other creative endeavor is making my daughter fun lunches. I though I would share her special Halloween Lunch with you all.
First is the Green Hairy Monster. I made a layer of cauliflower and topped that with brocolini and then nested 2 small chocolate eyeballs in it.
Then the Orange jack-o-lantern was actually very easy. I made light cuts in the skin and then peeled the pieces off.
The tombstone is made from tuna salad and an english muffin and the RIP is cut from a sheet of Nori and is on a bed of lettuce.
And the skull is a rice ball and I used the nori to make the eye and nose sockets.
And just to keep them in season, I am calling the red grapes blood clots.


(no subject)

Hey, this isn't a bento post but I do have a rather big question- Or, well, a request.

I have a little money to spend and I'd like a new bento. I live in Nebraska. There isn't a whole lot here or in my wallet. I very much miss Ichibankan because it made it possible for me to BUY bentos without feeling perpetually ripped off. I had one person offer to buy things in California and ship them to me, but I lost her contact info. I did go to the 'list of bento shops' on and offline. This is NEBRASKA. And most of the shops are dead.

I'd like a bento set for myself.
And- I'd like to get my best friend/roommate/illegitimate sister more pieces to her Tenmari Red Sakura Polka Dot bento set for Christmas since she has become very fond of her small set.

I have no problem removing this. I've simply run out of options. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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