October 28th, 2009


Bento backlog. # 644, 645 & 646

I'm not sure why, but I just never got around to post these for the last couple of days. So here they all are, the last one celebrating my new Frog bento box I just got from J-list earlier today ^_^

Bento # 644
Bento # 644
Various vegetables in cheese/cream sauce. Sausage flowers. Broccoli. Chicken hotwings. Corn cob. Octodog.
Bento # 645
Bento # 645
Green peas. Sautéed mixed vegetables. Fish fingers. Potato salad decorated with cucumber and carrot.
Bento # 646
Bento # 646
Spaghetti with ketchup and bierwurst-flowers. Quail egg-chicks. Corn cob. Mini spring rolls. cheese/ham poppers. Curry dip in the Kitty.

Feel the spookiness

Copied this one from one someone posted last week -- Franken-onigiri with veggies and chicken slices. Weird cheese next to his head.

A soba pumpkin patch with veggies and cheese leaves. Amazing how you can make two totally different looking lunches with basically the same ingredients. Sometimes I wonder if Muffin even notices that she is eating pretty much the same three veggies her whole life! Her choice, not mine (picky eater).

best rice maker? :)

So what is the best rice maker for my money? I want one that does well with the brown rice Gen Ji Mai and making sticky rice and regular rice. I heard something about a fuzzy maker? lol. It only needs to big enough for 3 people at most. And I would like the best value I can find. :D

Thanks so much for all your input!
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