October 27th, 2009

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Bento #101 - Hug in a Box

Today's lunch really is like a hug in a box for me.  The food of my childhood, true comfort food.  Here it is:

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Left to Right:
1 - Pierogies (Pasta Dumpling filled w/ Potato & Farmer's Cheese)
2 - Beets
3 - Kapusta (Cabbage Stew)
4 - Carrots
5 - Kiszka (Buckwheat/Blood Sausage)

Side Box:
1 - Chrusciki (Angel Wing Cookies)
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Wrap Bento

Top Tier: Spinach tortilla with mayo, salami, and colby jack, cut in half; goldfish crackers, dark chocolate-covered almonds
Bottom Tier: Salad of Romaine lettuce and carrots, with peppercorn ranch dressing underneath.
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Two iPhone photos in a row haha


I have what I think might be donburi or at least my version of it :D I had to put it into a tupperwear bowl cause it felt like it might be more donburi(ish) that way.

On the bottom some sushi rice
Teriyaki chicken, bean sprouts, snow peas, carrot and some tempura sweet potato and tempura japanese pumpkin (kabosha squash, either or)
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First Ever Bento!

Hi Everybody!

Well, I only had to lurk around this community for about two weeks before I decided that I absolutely had to have a bento box and give the whole bento thing a try. This my first ever bento box (I fell in love with the owls) and the first ever lunch I packed in it, which I took to work yesterday:

I tried to make it cute, but I still have a long way to go before I get to the skill level of some of the creative, wonderful things I see in this community!

Top: apple slices and peanut butter
Bottom: polenta buried under marinara sauce mixed with sautéed carrots, shallots, kale and olives topped with swiss cheese amateur-ly cut into shapes.
Lid: adorable owls, my fingerprints ^^;

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High School Lunch

A typical lunch for my daughter... it has to be able to travel upside down or sideways in her backpack and with no ice pack.  She has:

Peanut butter & raisin rolls, cheddar chunk, a piece of homemade granola bar, Hershey Kisses, 1/4 cinnamon raisin bagel, and grapes.