October 23rd, 2009


Bento # 643

An attempt of a halloween-ish bento. At least the satsuma is. It's a little low on protein this time with only the egg, but I couldn't think of anything else to add from what I had in stock.

Bento # 643
Bento # 643
Broccoli, satsuma painted as a pumpkin. Okra. Fish-shaped egg, dyed blue. Bicolour carrots as "tail". 7-colour pasta with garlic oil. A few pasta bikes on top. Everything sprinkled with carrot stars and some okra slices.

First Bento Box...What Now?

I just bought my first betno box and it arrived in the mail today. I'm thinking "oh boy... new bento... now what do i do with it (O.o)." So I'm here begging you for suggestions or what not for my new bento.

Info on my Bento:
- two tiered
- top tier is 300ml
- bottom tier is 210 ml
- came with matching foil-lined bag, chopsticks and bento strap thingy
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