October 21st, 2009

totoro bento

Bento #262

Somehow my bentos are all looking similar this week... ah well. It's the taste that counts!
Broccoli, a mini quiche from a new batch, more homegrown cherry tomatoes, basil and a croissant with a surprise filling! (Psst... don't tell the BF it's chocolate!)
Couscous and a piece of bell pepper in the other layer, and some more bell pepper hidden underneath.


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Bento #137 and 138: Arepas and Cowboy Steak


This was my first time making my mom's famous Venezuelan style Arepas. Sadly, mine came out too salty and crunchy :(

Top tier has an Arepa, which is basically a small biscuit made out of corn flour, salt, sugar and water (it's best to use the Arena PAN brand, you can just store it in the freezer until you're ready to use it.) Next to the Arepa, there are small slices of ham and American cheese to stuff the arepa with like a mini sandwich.

Bottom tier has seedless red grapes, an apple tulip (which is sadly not very easy to see,) and cut Tequeños, which is also a Venezuelan snack. Basically, they're cheese fingers.

The second bento's top tier has trawberries, baby carrots, Seedless red grapes, Blue cheese dressing in blue silicon mold for dipping the carrots, and crackers.

Bottom tier has "Cowboy" Steak (but it's really just NY Strip Steak with spicy rub,) and homemade mashed potatoes with onion and rosemary on top of a romaine lettuce leaf.

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Wrap bento

At first I wasn't too good at wraps for bento but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  These are sweet chilli chicken wraps.  Behind those are piquante peppers stuffed with soft cheese, then there are carrot sticks, a gherkin, two homemade choc chip cookies and a bag of Marmite flavoured bread sticks.  I think the cookies may have broken when I put the lid on but I'm too chicken to look.  I'm conflicted between this new recipe and my usual but the brittleness may be losing these cookies points. 
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