October 20th, 2009

totoro bento

Bento #261

Homemade gnocchi in tomato-bell pepper sauce with parmesan and a basil leaf in the small container; Feta cubes (have to get some protein into me somehow), homegrown yellow and red cherry tomatoes, broccoli, bell pepper and grated carrots in the big container.
Not the most inspired arrangement... I was tired. But it will be yummy! I'm also bringing a bottle of balsamic vinegar dressing for the veggies and feta but I forgot it until after the photo.


More about the gnocchi will be up later on my bentoblog: http://wererabbits.wordpress.com

No bento today...

Sorry for the no bento post today. But I had a question. Does anyone have any idea about how to MAKE a bento box? Like the actual box. I can't seem to find anything about it, but I figured someone might have some idea. Thanks ^_^
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Hello, I'm new!

This is probably a weird question, but I'm curious to know what you carry your bento box in? Do you just toss it in your purse or bookbag or whatever bag you carry on you everyday or do you have a special lunch bag or wrap that you use for yours? I've just started making bento lunches on a regular basis this semester and I've just been tossing my box in school bag.
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Mystery Meat Bento Box

Can you guess?

Can you identify each item in Saba Man's lunch?
Dragon gizzards sauteed in jackalope blood, roasted basilisk scales, shrunken heads with gargoyle oil, grilled griffin skin with intestines, giant red ant eggs and some sour-glop leaves freshly plucked from a haunted castle's gutters.

Read about the shrunken head recipe on hapabento's blog.



Happy Couple

Bento #136: Pierogi


Top tier has Sour Cream for dipping the pierogis, Strawberries, an apple bunny and Soda Crackers.

Bottom Tier has homemade Pierogis (which were very time consuming,) covered with cheddar cheese, steamed broccolli and carrot stars. I chose Pierogis for my husband's Ukrainian heritage.

Xposted to bentochallenge for Ethnic challenge.
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Getting into the Halloween groove.

Yay for cutters that won't cut! Oh well, the ghost and bat-wiches are cheese and pickle, there are 3 chicken goujons at the back there, a tub of ketchup for those, celery and soft cheese sticks, the very last tiny tomato from the garden is hiding at the back under the clown and at the front there's a gerkin and some Terry's chocolate orange segments.  Again a bit thrown together, I had plenty of time today but I've hurt my neck so looking down at the counter top trying to assemble everything was challenging!
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