October 19th, 2009


Bento # 639

Back from the Autumn Break with an autumn themed bento :)

Bento # 639
Bento # 639
Pasta mixed with carrot, peas, sweet corn and cheese sauce. prinkled with grated cheese and decorated with autumn themed carrots and cucumber. Broccoli, sautéed onions with a carrot pumpkin. Spicy chicken fillet, quail eggs.

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A challenger appears!

Ello! Since I just recently started my job, which means that I'm now in control of what enters my family's house in terms of groceries, I figured now would be a good time to start bento-ing! Otherwise I just know I'd wind up eating an endless string of ramen for my meal at work.

I absolutely hate mushy sandwiches, which is my explanation for the extra extra large box. At the back is a chunk of homemade faux-french bread (I forgot to add salt to the dough. D:!), sliced in half, with roasted sweet potato flowers and stars on top of it, half of a gigantic mushu apple, a mini angel food cake, 3 slices of turkey breast with two leaves of romaine lettuce beneath them. In the open container is homemade strawberry-rhubarb jam, and mayo in the closed one.

Here's to many moer successful bentos! And if I may, I have a question: To those of you that use shaped sweet potato and yam, what method of preparation do you use? Roasting (with olive oil and salt) was fine for tonight, since I made my lunch in advance, but I'd like a few alternate methods to prepare them, since I bought a large basket of young sweet potatoes.

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Bento # 27

Had to throw something together quickly this morning, Baby Girl forgot to tell me she needed to be at school early today.

Peanuts, Apple Slices and Green Grapes
Cherry Tomato, Ham, Cheese and Veggie Wrap (Carrots, Broccoli, Scallion,and Sweet Pepper) on lettuce.

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Bento #260

Annnd here's today's bento.

Organic ravioli with ricotta and spinach, tomato and roasted bell pepper sauce, parmesan cheese in the small box.
Two slices of garlic butter baguette (my coworkers are gonna love me for this =.=), green-and-orange-striped bell pepper slices, cherry tomatoes and a Mozart ball chocolate in the big box.
Freckled Basil leaves as decoration.


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Bento #33

I've found that bringing a bento along when heading to a friend's house for an afternoon of gaming reduces the amount of junk food I will eat - which is a good thing!

Top tray: beet hummus and Have'a corn chips
Bottom tray: avocado lightly tossed with lime juice, chickpea salad and radish pickles

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Two Bento

The first is a mini courgette and feta quiche, ham, cheese and cucumber roll ups, cherry tomatoes and macaroni pasta salad with picled cucmbers, mayonnaise and a little cayenne pepper.

The second is mushroom, broccoli, and sugar snap pea soy sauce noodles, 2 thai chicken patties, sweet chilli sauce, and sauteed spinach with oyster sauce and sesame seeds.

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Bento #95 - Fight Like a Girl

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In honor of my best friend's mom (a 20+ year survivor) I made this bento and am posting it with a reminder: The most effective way to fight breast cancer is to detect it early.

The most effective tools to detect breast cancer are mammography and clinical breast exam by your health professional.

In addition, breast self awareness and self-exam may help, women who perform regular breast self-exams and learn what is normal find may find abnormalities earlier.  It is good to start performing breast self-exams in your 20's. If you chose to do breast self-exams, you should examine your breasts regularly , three to five days after your period ends. If you have stopped menstruating, perform the exam on the same day of each month, such as the first day of the month or another easily remembered day. With each exam, you will become familiar with the contours and feel of your breasts, and will be more alert to changes.  (American Cancer Society self-exam instructions here.)

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Top Tier:
1 - Grape Tomato
2 - Spicy Glazed Chicken Breast
3 - Yellow & Orange Carrots
4 - Strawberry Fluff (strawberries & whipped cream)

Bottom Tier:
1 - Spinach (under the rice)
2 - Rice (decorations made of alphabet noodles, kamaboko, mame nori)

WW Flex Points = 7


Last minute bento

*Sigh* some days all you can do is throw some food in a box.  I'm running very low on both groceries and time today and this is the result!  However, I did challenge myself to photograph and post every bento I made, usually this makes me try harder but today this was as good as it got. 

The contents are a Christmas muffin, yes, it's far too early for Christmas but these were a prototype batch for a friend to cook with her class nearer Christmas time, some celery sticks with soft cheese, an itty bitty cheese and two 'gala slices' dunno what I'd call them but that's what the packaging said! 
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Bento # 640

Rather uninspired bento today, it was made in a rush sorta. Lots of family turmoil going on right at that time, plus one of the cats stealing one of the meat bits while I looked away, so my concentration was shot to pieces. Now that everything is calm again I sorta regret not waiting longer before I even started it. But in spite of everything.. it is ok. And at least it's tasty *L*

Bento # 640
Bento # 640
Banana- & chocolate stars. Broccoli. Corn cob. Potroast. Orzo with tomato sauce hidden under the corn cob-and-sugar snap peas-flower. Bicolor carrot flowers scattered around.

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Ramen & Cinder Toffee?

My latest lunch features a halloween cake bar- but what exactly is cinder toffee? I thought it was the North American name for what I'd call Puff Candy - crunchy honeycomb burnt tasting goodness that sticks to your teeth in the most cavity-creating of ways! But the cinder toffee part of the cake bar is like a soft cream...any thoughts?

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