October 13th, 2009

Bento #23 Autumn Theme

I tried to be a little creative today and made some autumn leaves out of nori and cut leaves and pumpkins out of sweet peppers.

Rice with Bonito Furikake and autumn leaves cut from Nori
Radishes and leaves and pumpkins cut from Sweet Peppers
Frozen Blackberries

Shrimp Tempura and Cherry Tomatoes on a bed of Leaf Lettuce and a bottle of Soy Sauce for dipping.

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Three Bento

I've made a few bento over the last couple of weeks, I really love doing it, but most of my boxes aren't microwaveable, so if I'm having something hot for lunch, which I do twice a week, I set my lunches up in a different way. The Laptop Lunchbox is really good for this but doesn't always fit what I want.

The first is Chicken Tenders with a rabbit of Katsu Sauce, Soy Sauce Bean Sprouts and Wasabi Potato Salad.

Second is Macaroni Cheese, Salad, a Chocolate Chip Cookies and container of Vinaigrette. I don't like this one, I couldn't think of anything else I wanted in the lunch so there are too many gaps

This one is Special Fried Rice, Chicken in Orange Sauce, Stir fried Courgettes with Soy Sauce. A side car of Cheese Scone, Elk Salami, Cheese and a Babybel. I think I took the Babybel out as I decided that the snack was too big!


Bento and Broccoli-question!

With university starting again and wednesday being the wednesday of doom (10 hours nonstop with no break, yay), it's time for uni-bentos again!

+ onigiri
+ orientally spiced meatballs with sesame on a skewer
+ broccoli
+ two radish shroomies
+ grapes
+ carrot-flowers
+ a bit of strawberry-chocolate
+ soysauce in container

I do have a question on broccoli though: I know it's very popular in bentos, but I tried it and realised it tastes rather plain. I only used broccoli in stir-fry recipes so far, that is, with some sauce or another, and had to realise that this way they have not so much taste. Do you guys carry any sauce along for the broccoli, or is it supposed to taste like that? o.o
girl, umbrella

Ghosty bento!

I love Halloween. I wish it was a national holiday. I'll likely be doing a lot of Halloween themed bentos this month.
ghost bento

I got some Halloween cookie cutters from Sainsbury's for 99p. The ghost is a Quicken sandwich with peppercorn eyes, on top of wholewheat pasta with red pesto, and a little red pepper star. The ghost seems to be leaking a kind of mayonnaisey-ectoplasm. Nice.

The upper tier has red pepper (I managed to do that black blob while trying to resize the picture, it's not actually on the food!), boiled sweet potato, and a spooooky jam roll!

More photos, the cutest cheescake ever and a write up of my trip to London's Chinatown here.