October 12th, 2009

sharing is fun - and cute!

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hello everyone ^_^

I have been making bentos every weekday for the most part (one for me and one for my husband), and taking photos of almost all of 'em. it's the uploading/sharing of those photos that 'm bad at. so once again, I am gonna post a bunch of shots to play catch-up.

I will say though, I have done some of my more creative lunches lately and I am quite pleased w/how cute some of them turned out!

husband's lunch from 9/21/09; macaroni & cheese w/bell pepper, cheese stars, and a bell pepper froggie. I think this froggie turned out WAY better than my last attempt. :D

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*QUESTION: for those of you who do the wrap/roll-up things, what do you do for them? I tried 2x to make them yummy and failed both times. I thought it'd be easy, just ham + cheese + condiment + tortilla, and done... but it's been kinda :\ both times. any suggestions, recipes, etc. that I can use to craft my rolls the next time I attempt them (if there IS a next time) would be MOST appreciated.

thanks!! :D