October 9th, 2009


Bento # 638

Tomorrow is the annual sports day at my kid's school. Last day before the autumn break which is next week. So I get a Bento break as well *L* Unless I decide to make some for myself. We'll see.

But to honour the sports theme, I went with a WINNER bento ;)

Bento # 638
Bento # 638
Sautéed mixed vegetables with garlic pepper. Star-shaped egg. Chicken hotwings. Sugarsnaps. Quick pasta with tomato sauce, decorated with scorzonera, cucumber, carrot and mortadella sausage.

Bento # 21

I made a stop at the Asian grocery store and stocked up some staples.  Baby girls loves the red bean paste buns.

In the cover: Caramels and Hello Panda Cookes
Top tier: Red Bean Paste Bun, Mini Pork and Leek Buns, Radishes and Sugar Snap Peas
Bottom tier: Plain Yogurt, Sugar Snap Peas, and Tofu, Cabbage, Carrot and Purple Potato Curry

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It's been a while

I've been making bento but they just don't look nice enough to post. So, this one is pretty nice. Onigiri wrapped in nori, ham, broccoli, baby carrots, ranch in the penguin, heart shaped egg, apple bunnies and a fruit jelly. I have no idea what fruit is pink with strange chunks in the bottom...luckily the boyfriend isn't allergic to any fruit and he says that they all taste good.