October 8th, 2009


Bento # 637

Not much to look at, although I like the effect of the wraps. I tried to prettify the deep-fried chicken chunk by putting a face on it. That will probably fall off before lunchtime though :(

Bento # 637
Bento # 637
"Chicken Chunk" decorated with white- and ordinary carrot. Duck bottle with sweet chili sauce. Banana stars and blueberries. Wrap with lettuce, tomato and chicken salad.

Bentos #19 & #20

Bento #19

Stawberry Slices and Sushi Rice
Korean BBQ with Mushrooms and Scallions with Sugar Snap Peas.

Bento #20

Stawberries and Pumpkin Nut bread with dried Cranberries
Broccoli, Artichoke, Asparagus and Parmesan Mini Quiches, Grape Tomatoes

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Bento #257 - KISS

I'm really really sorry. I was aiming for cute animals. But I'm apparently just not a cute person. And my creative brain knows how to grab on to a good visual pun and run with it.
I don't even listen to KISS.

Anyway. KISS onigiri on lettuce, corncob flowers, veggie dumplings, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, steamed butternut squash, bottle of soy, packet of furikake and some Japanese star candy (konpeitou) as dessert.


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