October 7th, 2009


#22 - 20091007

Tomorrow's bento:

Left: carrot sticks, philadelphia cheese and home made hummus.
Right: pasta, peas and 2 teaspoons of 50% fat free butter.
And an apple ^^

I'm being very repetitive lately but... i have no time to cook!! xD


Bento # 635 & 636

I totally forgot to post yesterday's bento. So here it is together with the newest one :)

Both of them pretty lame, I've been wanting to get more quail eggs - they have them at my local supermarket, but they're too close to their expiring date so I'm waiting for them to get a new shipment...

Bento # 635
Bento # 635
Macaroni bites with tomato and grated cheese. Mortadella-Dale and carrot stars. Crispy pollack bites, green peas and fried vegetables.
Bento # 636
Bento # 636
Rice with curry sauce underneath. Adorned with mortadella-and-orange-bell-pepper boy. Chicken scraps. Sugar snaps. Cherry tomato. Banana and blueberries with chocolate chips. Green peas. Melty Kiss and a Japanese hard candy.


Last Minute Bento

Thank goodness I checked this comm before going to bed, I'd completely forgotten to make a bento for tomorrow!  I snuck downstairs and threw this together.  I was going to jazz it up a bit but my cutters have gone AWOL and 1am is no time to be trying to cut freestyle with a knife!

From the top left there's a boiled egg with a sachet of salt, a kitty of mayo and some homegrown tomatoes.  Then there are two filo parcels of leftover nikuman filling sitting on a bed of lettuce.  Celery and cream cheese on top of those and then there's a slice of fruitcake and a wheel of Wensleydale cheese to go with it.  Finally there are a few itty bitty chocolate bars in the lid for a treat! 

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New Box

Here's today's lunch in my new Happy Fruits bento box. Thanks to all my DFW peeps who gave me leads on Super H Mart and Minoya... this box came from Minoya and makes me so happy! I love the lid inscription: "Happy Fruits is very delicious. I will eat these and become fortunate all together."

Top: rice and leftover chicken strip w/ black and white sesame seeds. Soy sauce packet in the lid.
Bottom: Red bean cake, grapes, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots.
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598+599: fun with rice

Yesterday Muffin got a little onigiri pal, with cut up pork chop, baby corn, green beans, carrot and tiny cherry tomatoes. She didn't eat the tomatoes, of course. Still trying. Yay, a face!

Today I made a checkerboard with rice cubes. On top is a piece of baked chicken with mustard/breadcrumb coating, the last of the roasted fingerlings, brussels sprouts and a grape.
So, tomorrow will be bento #600! Not feeling anything special. Sometimes the vibe is there, sometimes it's not!

Baptism by donburi - breaking in some of my gear


First go at making use of more of my gear - and the outcome was mixed.

1 cup of my favorite sticky rice, some black pastrami (don't ask me what is the difference between it and regular pastrami
- that was the name of it) and some sauteed romaine lettuce

the romaine may have been too old - or sauteed too long - it was inclined to be bitter
last time I sauteed the romaine it was with bacon drippings and not as long
still not sure re the pastrami on the rice

but it was eaten

baptism by donburi 2             baptism by donburi 1

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2 bentos

this is tomorrow's lunch: sauteed zuchini/yellow zuchini with garlic, basil, and cherry tomatoes. sporasada with babybel hiding. bottom is simply yogurt with raspberries.

and since i'm continuing on my fruit and yogurt kick...

spinach salad with roast beef, carrot and cucumber flowers, cherry tomatoes, pepper, and penguin of dressing.
and more yogurt, this time with cherries.
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So here is my lunch for tomorrow. I had it in a bento box but then I found out the particular one I chose wasn't microwave safe so I threw it into lock and lock.


There is rice (with some cracked pepper and black sesame seeds on top)
Teriyaki chicken
Some stir fry celery (if you can stir fry in a fry pan...)
and what is as close as I could come to the carrot kinpira recipe someone posted not too long ago.
but I didn't have any regular carrots only baby carrots and I thought I might lose a finger if I tried to cut them into matchsticks so I made little carrot pennies instead but I think they are cute anyway. I also just used a fry pan cause I didn't want to haul out my wok for a couple carrots. I tasted them and they were delicious.