October 4th, 2009

Maiko (Geisha in Training)

Leftover Japanese lunch

I've got leftover white rice in the back left, chicken teriyaki and vegies in the front. In the top tier I have carrot sticks in the back, plain and pizza flavored goldfishes, and grapes in the bottom.

Nothing too fancy, just leftovers that I took to work.

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Supersizers: Stayin' Classy Since 1954

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Green box: hummus, cucumber and carrot sticks, dried apricots, Babybel cheese, mini chocolate chip cookies
Pink box: cold noodle salad with shredded carrot, tofu, onion, broccoli and sesame seeds; dressing in the small container

Simple Bento

Just a salad with homegrown tomatoes, red onion and lettuce, a leftover nikuman (still not got the hang of sealing them properly), two mini chocolates and a wheel of cheese.  Simple and easy to throw together which is just as well today as my kitchen karma has vanished.  Among a myriad of small mistakes I set fire to the oven glove without noticing!
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New Bento Blog ^_^

So I have two more bento to post, and a link to my new blog ^_^ I'm gonna actually make sure I bento more often, and that I keep being healthy. I figure if maybe I'm doing it for more than just me, I'll be better about it ^_^ I'm quite excited! So onto the bento!

Ryan's bento:
Top Tier: Pineapple Curry
Bottom Tier: 3 Thai Dumplings; Rice; Kiwi Gummy; Strawberry Gummy
Sidecar: Pineapple

My Bento
Top Tier: Tiny bit of Pineapple Curry; Broccoli/Mushroom/Sesame Seed Stir Fry
Bottom Tier: Tuna Rice; Cute Bottle of Soy Sauce
Top: 2 Strawberry Milk Candies

And in case anyone wanted to look at my blog (I put up ALL my bento @_@) it is : Bento and a Bit More

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#20 - 20091005

 This is tomorrow's bento:

Left: Hummus (chickpeas & olive oil, no lemon!) and carrot. Probably it will be bad tomorrow but if that happens I'll jsut throw a whole carrot in my bag.
Right: Sandwiches made out of toasted sandwich bread, philadelphia cheese and smoked salmon. 
And an apple.

It's the red and white bento!!

I was a little worried about food safety so i put an ice bag in the fridge, that way the food will be safe until lunchtime :)

Bento # 634

After a little break - I was at a company party last Thursday and didn't really have the energy to make a bento for Friday when I came home at 4 am ;) - here's one for Monday:

Bento # 634
Bento # 634
Kritharaki/Orzo coloured blue with food colouring. Topped with a fish fillet, some flowers made of sugar snaps and mini corn cobs, and an egg-and-nori sheep. Some tomato ketchup is under the fish for mixing with the orzo.

Oh and for once, not in a proper bento box either. I saw this "airtight" thing while shopping today, and it had a PERFECT size and shape for use as a oekakibento-box. Square boxes are the best for "canvas" - and then I had to live with the fact that it's transparent and ugly *L* It was also 650 ml, which is perfect for my daughter with her ever-growing appetite ^_^