October 3rd, 2009

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salmon rice

top is concord grapes, cherry pepper, and cucumbers 2 ways (tiny pickles, and chopped cucumber filler)

bottom is broccoli, brown rice with sesame seeds, and salmon. strawberry bottle has soy sauce.

nothing too fancy or creative today, but i think it came out reasonably cute for a plain bento.

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ETA: I'm trying to remove the "glutenfree" tag from this entry - the noodles are made of wheat - but am unable to for some reason. :(


I haven't been posting for quite sometime - I moved and had to deal with some health issues - but I have been throwing together a bento from time to time. I just started working again, however, so I'm bentoing more and more.

Today my mom and I are going on a road trip that required two bentos.

Secondary snack bento. Cod, Chinese noodles, asparagus, and nori details on the bottom. Pineapple, grapes, snap peas, and pumpkin seeds on the top. :)

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It's good to be posting again!


Little one's...

Surprised my little one from school and presented a bento to eat at the park. 

Contents include: seasoned rice, flower carrots, snap peas, teriyaki chicken and on upper tier watermelon, apple "bunnies", apricots, and cheese.