October 2nd, 2009

  • rinsly

snacky bento

because we are having a party for my manager's birthday today at work, i didn't want to bring a heavy lunch. also i was playing around using something other then spinach/lettuce as my space filler.

top is peperoni and cheddar flowers, rosemary crackers, and peanuts.

bottom is cucumber hearts, hot cherry pepper, and cherry tomatoes cut up. space filler on both levels is concord grapes. (i seriously could take a whole box full of those grapes and be happy with my lunch i think, i am really liking them lately.)

596: soba

Soba noodles (Friday!), chicken, kielbasa slices, ham, brussels sprouts, wee dill pickles, baby carrot, grapes, and the last fingerling potato sliced up. Muffin is loving those! Still in a "no face" phase, trying to make some nice looking bento that are a little more grownup for Muffin. Although I think she would still dig the face.