October 1st, 2009


Bento # 633

Mad scientist or monkey or whatever. I'm not sure what it looks like. The parsley took it from a monkey to a Mad Scientist IMO... but..

Anyway.. quick-and-dirty bento because I was absolutely devoid of inspiration. Luckily the meatball had this eye shape when sliced and that helped me onwards to this

Bento # 633
Bento # 633
Banana hearts and a single (frozen) strawberry. Danish meatball, hidden under bicolour carrot stars. Macaroni bites with oregano and olive oil, topped with more Danish Meatball, parsley and sugar snap peas.

Worst Photo Award

OK so I know the photo is terrible, but I was shooting at 5:30am (with a bad camera and bad lighting) so that daughter would be surprised. I wanted to show it just for its theme. This bento is in honor of Homecoming. Here in Texas the boy gives the girl a humongous mum decorated with teddy bears and streamers, to wear to the dance. Here is her mum bento...

Sliced mozzerella mum with teddy graham, celery and carrot streamers, grapes, carrot curl, more teddies and Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie (epic win) on the sides. A peanut butter and jelly tortilla underneath.

You can look at this over the top tradition by googling "homecoming mums" and browsing some of the bizarre creations.

595: onigiri

No face again today but I think Muffin will like this one anyway. Onigiri with flying fish roe mixed in, broccoli, brussels sprouts, skirt steak bits, cheese and carrot. Sidecar has grapes, edamame, triscuits and cheese.
I can see that #600 is coming up! But I can also see that I don't have the time to plan anything special....if it happens, it happens but I am so rushed these days I'm doing well just to get a bento out the door! 


A Productive Day and a Love Bento

I wanted to get out of the house today, so I made obento for two of my friends and myself. They both have classes in the morning and I had none... so I consider it a morning well spent for me. <3

My box

430ml white Asvel box: Ginger-shiso-shrimp rice (cannot see it very well sorry), shiso leaf, karaage chicken, simmered mushrooms, tamagoyaki, snow peas, broccoli with cheese, kinpira carrot/lotus root. Tonkatsu sauce and sanbaizu in the bottles.

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Oct 1 ---

Bottom Tier: Baby carrot sticks, Pine nut hummus, macaroni salad w/ black sesame seeds

Top Tier: Pineapple, Kiwi flowers, globe grape halves and pomegranate seeds
Apple and Muscat gummies in the lid

I ran out of salad - had Ahmetia pick up a bag last night only to find the bag she got didn't look so good, so she had to take it back today - so no salad for Rob today.

Decided to use my pretty Bento box - not too manly, but neither is the butterfly one I often use for him - hehe :)

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First time using my new rice molds!!!

So my subject lies just a little, I used my mom's (she has the same ones) for my birthday party. I then received mine for my birthday (just hours later :P). So these are my first BENTO using the molds, and I have to say I absolutely love them! Especially because I can fit 3 of the heart shaped ones perfectly in my fiancee's bento. ^_^

Today Ryan's bento is actually quite cute ^_^
Top Tier: 3 Heart-shaped Onigiri with Red Pepper Hearts as decoration; Red Pepper bits as filler
Bottom Tier: Leftover Stir Fry (pea pods, steak, orange and yellow peppers); Red Pepper Star Decorations; Cute Bear of Soy

MY BENTO!!! I don't need a bento tomorrow, but I wanted to make myself one anyways. I didn't pack it as full as I could have because I'm going to eating at home anyways. But I do think the bento itself looks much better now, the colors look WAY better without all the tan in it >.< I think I should have saved some of the brighter peppers to throw into my broccoli thing, but oh well *shrug*

Top Tier: Broccoli/Mushroom/Sesame Seed/Soy Sauce Stir Fry thingy; Strawberry Candies
Bottom Tier: 2 Star Shaped Onigiri with tuna mixed in; Cute Bottle of Soy Sauce; Picks for Decoration

Sorry for the rambly and long post >.<

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