September 30th, 2009


#18 - 20090930

 Tomorrow's bento:

Food mayhem!!! All my veggies went bad... so I had to cook whatever I had in my fridge u_u Both tiers contain farfalle with peas and diet butter. Also, side container with grapes ^^

Bento # 632

Not the most inspired bento ever. But I was making fried noodles to the other kid anyway, so that's what got dumped in the bent as well. Along with some Chicken wings from Burger King *L* Nice and easy...

Bento # 632
Bento # 632
Fried chinese noodles with vegetables and oyster sauce. Decorated with bell pepper and two slices of water chestnut with nori. Chicken hotwings with bicoloured carrots on top. Fish-shaped egg. Banana stars. A little sweet chili sauce in the duck bottle.

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fruit salad

top is pinwheels of roast beef, spinach, and tomato, with a bit of cream cheese on the tortilla to hold it together. garnished with a cherry pepper and some small pickles.

bottom is fruit salad, mandarin oranges, cherries, and blueberries. i tried to think of a way to decorate that a bit, but i really didn't want to have other flavors mixing in with my fruit.

and bah! i had a bento on sunday, but i have no clue where the picture went.
totoro bento

Bento #2^2^2^2

Not really happy with this - the decoration is more to hide the uninteresting food than it is to embellish it. (I really, really, really need to go grocery shopping now. Ugh. I even ran out of PASTA last night! That hasn't happened in ages!)
The last of the chili sin carne from the freezer under carrot and cheese flowers, parsley, homegrown cherry tomatoes, the last two lentil balls, a fudge candy, and fried potato slices as the carb.


My bentoblog:

594: lunchable

This is supposed to be a lunchable. Crackers, ham, red dragon cheese, pimiento cheese, brussels sprouts on left. On right, freeze-dried strawberries in the pink heart cup, broccoli, sesame snacks, grapes (two little pieces of kielbasa under there) and mint candies. This box is a little small for Muffin so I added a sidecar of applesauce, and a sidecar of grapes and little shapes made of that peanut butter dough. She is really excited about this lunch, even though, as I'm sure you've noticed, once again NO FACE!

antm - allison

Bento #54

Today's is a little bit better, but I need to go shopping.  I think I have some new ideas swimming around.

Top Tier: Ham, swiss and pickle rolls, soy paste and green rice onigiri
Bottom Tier: edamame and a star shaped boiled egg

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Another Wednesday, another bento! Sadly, this was the last concert on the square until the spring, so I'm going to have to watch for other bento-making opportunities between now and then!


In the blue container, top left is a peanut butter/chocolate gourmet spread for the apples to the right. A tiny container of Bragg's Aminos. Edamame. And a heart of lentils for my daughter.

In the middle, a steamed bun (that wasn't as good as it should've been) and an avocado/spicy paste onigiri on some seaweed.

On the right, cheese flowers, sad apple "bunnies" (next time I'll try something else), and a sunflower seed butter half-sandwich.

Aside from the not-so-wonderful bun, this was a good lunch!

Miss me? ;P Haha

It's been a while...  I just finished updating my poor, neglected blog - check it out here for the rest of the bento from like the last 6 weeks...

This is a bento from my hubby Rob's b-day on Aug 27 -- The rest of the bento since then are on my blog...

I hadn't grocery shopped since we got back from camping, but here is what Rob ended up with for his birthday bento :)

Top Tier: Clementine sections, Bold Chex Mix, Mac Salad w. Carrot I ♥ You, Wasabi almonds and reeses pieces in a mini paper valentine's cupcake cup :)

Bottom Tier: Iceberg salad (from a bag), shredded cheddar, cherry tomatoes from our garden, southwest chicken breast and Happy ♥ Birthday carrots :)

Grape and Mango gummies in the lid

Sept 30 -- Dinner - Kat's (in case it's been too long, reminder that she packs her own :)

Top Tier: Rice w/ Furikake (rice seasoning) in the monkey, tea marbled quail eggs and spring greens

Bottom Tier: Baby Carrots, Tamagoyaki and Kiwi slices

Sept 8 Lunch Bento -- 

Ahmetia's for her first day of classes - she also packs her own (they are too lazy to post them themselves)

Top Tier: Cheese Omelet, Rice w/ Furikake

Bottom Tier: Baby carrot sticks, Asian jelly, Muscat gummy and dragon fruit

See many more on my blog at:

There's also a non-bento post from yesterday w/ pictures of my oldest daughter Ahmetia's bedroom makeover in case you're curious :D

Happy Bento-ing!!

Bento # 15 My attempt at being creative

I don't do cute or creative bento often, but here is my most recent attempt:

South East Asian fresh spring rolls (shredded cabbage, carrots, scallions, crushed peanuts, chicken & cilantro in rice paper wrapper) on a bed of lettuce with a bottle of Sesame Ginger dressing for dipping and the lettuce.

Purple potato and Sweet Pepper Flowers with scallion stems and cilantro leaves on a bed of sushi rice.

Not pictured string cheese and dark chocolate turtle that are hiding in the lid.


#19 - 20091001

 Tomorrow's bento. I'm proud of it as it's kind of cute :D

Left: Farfalle, peas and 50% fat free butter. (same as yesterday... i loved this!!) **Delicious** butter, BTW. It's from a spanish brand called "Central Lechera Asturiana". IMO, the best milk and dairy products in Spain :)
It's quick to boil the pasta and the frozen peas at the same time. Just add the pasta and like a minute or 2 after add the peas. Yum!!
Right: Omelette. I added grated cheese to the beaten egg so now I have cheese omelette ^^. Also, boiled & roasted broccoli. First broccoli this winter :D

You can see a peach on the left :)

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stars to the rescue! and the lost bento.

leftovers covered with stars, potatoes and carrots and chicken roasted with herbs/garlic/shallots. covered in carrot starts because i could not find a way to arrange it cute-ly but it was way too yummy to leave moldering in the fridge.

bottom is yogurt with wax stars from babybel cutouts, cherries, and mandarin oranges.

lost bento! blueberries with yogurt in the flower food cup, salad with dressing in the bear.

couscous with chorizo/tomatoes/spinach and apple sauce. chili sauce for the couscous in the star nestled in with the apple sauce.