September 28th, 2009


Bento # 629

Once again .. leftovers from dinner disguised as a bento *L*
I found my pink Aladdin container again after it had been missing for months. It had hit itself inside one of the lesser used pots in the cupboard *L*

Oh and for those who don't know.. "egg sheets" are like very very thin omelets. The brown one is coloured with soy, the other one is "natural"

Bento # 629
Bento # 629
Pork chop in tomato/cream sauce, decorated with carrot stars, corn cob moon and a sngle egg sheet-star. Rice with broccoli and an egg-sheet bunny.

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New tags

Hi all. I'm sorry I haven't been around but I'm a lamer the demands of my job have been keeping me pretty busy. I've been making bentos every work day, I just haven't been blogging them. However, I plan to get my behind in gear, starting with answering the backlog of tag requests and the current ad-spam problem.

Anywey, the main purpose of this post is to let you know I've added two new general use tags:

* dairy free
* nut free

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Bento # 630

A page out of Chibibu's book, quite literally. For once I was making a bento for myself so I could happily use rice and nori and mushrooms ect - and I've been wanting to make this particular one for a while. Finally I had the chance ^_^

Bento # 630
Bento # 630
Cucumber/wakame/carrot pickle. Sausage flowers. Chicken hotwing. Onigiri with chicken salad filling, decorated with nori, mushrooms, cheese, baloney and carrot.


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I've had a rough couple of months and haven't made many bento. And when I did, they were totally not photo worthy. This is a step in the right direction; not the greatest, but on the right track.

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Rock N Serve (9/29/09): Grapes, mini cheese, banana, escarole under home grown tomatoes (not my home) and hard boiled egg, leftover (from the diner) spinach, feta egg-white omelet

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