September 27th, 2009

Sauce Bottle Question

I feel very silly for asking this when there are so many very experienced bento makers here.

However, how do you fill your mini sauce bottle? Do you pour through a funnel or use a syringe or what? I just had a very dismaying incident involving a lot of sauce in the sink. I've never had bottles before and feel a right dafty.

(A relevent question I feel, if a bit stupid, sorry)
by kisa_chan
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A bento of space fillers

This was a completely impromptu bento on a sunday, which is why it looks kind of bad. It was motivated by the harvest of two tiiiny bell peppers. Apart from that, there's cucumber, apple, candy, and olive in the one tier, and onigiri, tomato, and feta cheese and olives and pine nuts for a filler in the other one. How cute are these bell peppers though? They were worth the suffering of an almost-too-empty bento :D

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This is my first bento in a while. I was making dinner and ended up with a small chicken breast piece that was perfect for bento; I was so excited!

 Top Tier: Chocolate pudding, 2 kiwi gummies, 1 strawberry gummy, rice
Bottom Tier: Mini chicken breast, Broccoli, Bear of Soy

The Chicken looked like an island amongst the trees, I was really excited, I liked this bento a lot more than others I've done recently.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I got lots of bento loot as gifts at my party!

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My first bento

This is my first bento.

I have been making them for about a year now and up until tonight, I was just stalking this community and drooling over everyone else's bento. I thought I would post from the beginning. This is also one of my favorites. I had been posting them on facebook, but no one really cared on there. So, I'll be posting many more after this. See you then!
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Last week i planned bentos for 4 days but my job became all crazy so i only could prepare bentos for 2 days. Also, I couldn't prepare them as I planned because I had no time so I decided not to plan my bentos anymore. Now I have some veggies and some food I can be prepairing on the go during the week. Also, my hub can help me a little bit :D

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