September 26th, 2009

09/24/09 Bento

Hi! I'm really really proud of how this baby turned out! ^____^

So! We have smoked salmon onigiri and tuna onigiri, karaage chicken, tamagoyaki, fried pumpkin in honey with black sesame seeds, sweet potato dessert, kiwi slices and a strawberry! It was very nom nom! ^ ^ I was happy with the general response I got from this. waskabi and Rob were anticipating the bento, both going "my stomach...*rumblerumble*", and Steve said that I could start a bento store. I'm so flattered! Hee~~ ^ ^

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my first "picture" bento

beans and rice background, spinach leaf tree, cheese flowers on the tree, some chili sauce hiding under the tree. other half of box is blueberries, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and blue cheese in the rabbit.

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yesterday's i forgot to post was: yogurt (wheat jerm in the little container) and blueberries on top garnished with chocolate and a babybell. bottom tier was couscous with chorizo tomatoes and spinich, decorated with carrot stars. penguin had chili sauce.


So. I've been away for a very long time. I have not had much ocassion to pack lunches the last 9 months and the whole lacking a camera thing really made things difficult. But, thanks to my Grandmother, I now have a camera that is capable of taking beautiful photos. *_* And, I have class alllllllll day Saturdays so I now have a reason to actually be using my bento equipment!

This is a brand new box I have never used before... so I hope it goes well today. T__T It's dreadfully dark in my kitchen at 4am (when I made this) but I'll scrounge up some pretty photos of this box at a later date when the sun is out.

Top Tier: Tamago furikake onigiri filled with umeboshi, umejiso furikake onigiri filled with a spicy wakame salad, clemintine

Bottom Tier: Pineapple chicken teriyaki, broccoli, carrots, shiitake mushromms simmered in soy sauce and stock, shibazuke, soysauce + rice vinegar in a bottle.

Soooooooooo tired. *_* Good morning to all of you! T_T I sadly am off to spend my day at school.

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Food for thought.

What, in your opinion, makes a bento a great bento?

I ask because certain bentos stand out (make me say, "Wow!") and others don't, and I'm not sure what the difference is, since they don't seem that different upon closer inspection.

I've noticed that well-lit photos helps a lot, and leaving no gaps seems to add to the perceived quality (at least, to me). But I'm not sure what else pushes a "good bento" across the line to make it a "great bento." I know it's not the difference between charaben/kyaraben and regular bentos, because non-cute ones can still wow people. And I don't think it's the complexity of the bento either, since some very simple bentos still look a lot better than complicated ones.

What's the secret?

Bentos from the last week or so!

I was sooo excited to use my new (bigger) box the other day. In the bottom tier we have baby carrots & ranch, pasta & cooked veggies and in the top tier you see caesar snappea crisps, a couple animal crackers, apple & cinammon gerber puffs and a goldfish cinnamon cookie

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It's simple but delicious for the room mate. She got some chicken katsu, wakame and rice puffs on white rice, a boiled egg shaped like a star, kiwi, grapes and angle-cut carrots. I used a jumbo egg, which was a mistake. Extra large only for the star and heart shaped molds, I learned my lesson.
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