September 25th, 2009


Bento # 628

For an "end of the month" bento this isn't too bad, I think.

I got the urge to make tamagoyaki, eve if my kid isn't too fond of it - so it'll depend on how hungry she is if it gets eaten or not. But it always looks nice in a bento. I made it in the microwave and rolled it afterwards which is why the layers aren't very visible. They're there though :)

Bento # 628
Bento # 628
Rice fussili with garlic oil, decorated with baloney, salami and leek. Chicken hotwings, green peas (still frozen here), tamagoyaki with leek.


bento numero uno.

this is my very first bento! i have been watching this community for a little more than a year now, trying to pick up all the tips and recipes i could. now that i have a job i can finally buy the nice bento boxes i have lusted over!

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591: Italian style

My color mix is so off -- still getting used to being the only adult in the house with way too much to do. Bento isn't getting the time it deserves! I have grilled flank steak with edamame and grapes. Bottom has spaghetti, brussels sprouts and salt-roasted fingerling potatoes, which are perfect bento size!


My bentos are boring! I'm trying to find new, interesting things to put into my bentos, and you guys are always so creative. If any of you have a cooking blog, or know of any that are reallly good (at least in your opinion!) please link me. Also,  last winter somebody posted a link to a cooking blog featuring cupcakes that had little marzipan bumblebees on them. I can't find it on google because I don't know what I'm looking for, but if you posted this, have seen this, or know of any other sites that would help with that particularly, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance, and I'm sorry if I posted this incorrectly, I've been watching the community for over a year but have only made a few posts >.<
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Three Bento

These are three bento from last week and the week before. Its ages snce I've made a bento and its lovely to get back into it.

From left t right: Vegetable Gyoza, rabbit of gyoza dipping sauce, runner beans with oyster sauce. Soy sauce hard boiled egg, somen noodles with rose pasta sauce, sprng onions and cucumber. Lemon Muffin.

Battered prawns, rabbit of sweet chilli sauce, noodle and vegetable stir fry. Side car of cheese scone, mini pepperami and a chunk of admiral collingwood cheese.

Mini courgette and feta quiche, cocktail sausages, caramel fish biscuits, on top of a lettuce leaf. Pesto potato salad.