September 21st, 2009


Bento # 623 & 624

The Friday bento was so lame that I've hold off posting it until I had something better to show along with it *L* So at the top is tomorrow's bento, and below that is the lame excuse for lunch on Friday

Bento # 624
Bento # 624
Spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce. Pigpen made of meatloaf bits. Pigs of normal egg and quail egg and spicy baloney. Nori for the eyes. Carrot flower. Corn cob slices, banana stars and green asparagus with bacon wrapping.
Bento # 623
Bento # 623
Rice and curry sauce adorned with sausage flowers and a Piglet made of spicy baloney. Banana stars, apple hearts, baby iwi slices and a few (frozen) blueberries. Curried chicken, curried vegetables.

Beef stir-fry and some sweet treats

Hey guys! I haven't posted here in forever, but of course couldn't stay away!


On the left I have some brown rice and beef stir-fry. I even got to make use out of a food divider!

On the right I have fresh raspberries, a dark chocolate square and a mini orange dreamsicle cake (from Costco).

Hopefully this isn't a no-no but in case any of you read my blog, I switched domains about a month back and my new site is  Please update any bookmarks or readers.

It's good to be back, hopefully I won't be as sporadic!

cuke gators

Thursday's bento.  We left Friday for a wedding so this involves very uncreative food to help clean out the fridge.  Purchased PB&J crustless sandwich (never again), cucumber alligators (idea from Cooking for monkeys website), banana rounds, coleslaw, and pepper tips.  I think all but the coleslaw was eaten.

plate, Pete & Pete

Fishy Fenton

Fish Stick

Fenton is made from a fish stick, but that doesn’t bother him. What does bother him are his huge ears. His mother always assures him that he is quite handsome, but he still has his doubts…

Fish stick
pastina with peas, butter, and grated cheese

Happy Couple

Bento #130: Equinox Harvest Feast

Made for bentochallenge's theme this week, "equinox."

In this colorful masterpiece, a mini breadstick cornucopia is filled with Cider-glazed chicken with cranberries, and surrounded by red and gold fuji apple leaves, seedless green grapes, and bits of chopped baby carrots, along with a mini sweet potato tart, all on top of a romaine lettuce leaf.

x-posted to bentochallenge

Don't forget to post your fall themed bentos over there too!
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dork moment

Monday and Tuesday

Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster. Have been making bento sporadically over the course of a year or so. Here's my latest from Monday and Tuesday (made just now for tomorrow)

Here's today's:

Top tier: Honey dipped steamed acorn squash, mandarin oranges, octodogs, sweet egg omelet

Bottom tier: Noritama furikake rice ball, norikume furikake rice ball, octodogs, and an apple bunny.

Here's for tomorrow:

Top tier: rice bed with norikume furikake.

Bottom tier: Green container has ranch dressing, broccoli, raspberries, ham negimake, and a baybell.

Lid has two cheesey rice crackers.

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emo rice

Online Store

During AWA this past weekend, I came across these guys in the dealers room. They also have a website, so I thought I would share it. I bought the star/heart egg molds and a new 2 tier box, and when I get a chance to make a lunch in it, I will totally post pics.