September 20th, 2009

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Rice Cooker + Online Store

I know that there are quite a few articles on the type of rice cooker one should purchase depending on what they're looking for, but I'm still a little stumped and hoped you guys could help.

Whenever I need rice for my bentos, I always do it on the stove-top in a saucepan, so I'm pretty out of the loop on this stuff. My brother, however, loves gadgets and wants a rice cooker for Christmas, even though there's only him and his wife. He loves jasmine rice and uses it at least a few times a week for dinner. Currently, the Zojirushi 5 1/2 cup neuro fuzzy cooker is on his wish-list, but is that something he really needs? What's your take on it? And what's so special about the 'neuro fuzzy'? Wouldn't the Zojirushi 3.5 non-neuro-fuzzy be just as good for jasmine rice?

In addition... I know that it doesn't replace the beloved IchibanKan, but eFoodDepot has some great bento items on their website. And shipping is a flat-rate $4.99!

Arrr... a Pirate's Breakfast

True to me word, I built a pirate's bento in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I picked up a new Leaflet Tight box at H Marrrt (thanks to mundeemo :D) and here be the results of me first "food arrrrt" bento. I call it "Shipwreck Island."

Pancake and sausage "rocks," brown sugar "sand," rice, carrot/celery/golden raisin "palm" and nori shipwreck and birds. The bones are mozzerella with nori bits, and the sword, well, it was the perfect pick for the theme. Arrr!
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