September 19th, 2009

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last one for a few days

as i'm going out of town to see my family. i'm really happy tho, i have not missed a work day at these since i started with it.

top has crackers, a babybel, pineapple, and cucumber flowers.

bottom has mr. penguin, broccoli, and a can of tuna. i stuck the cutout from the babybell onto the tuna can to try to give it *something*. i like that silicone can lid idea, but the only ones i've found in my grochery store so far are for a bigger sized can.

Bento from Tuesday

This is my bento from this past Tuesday. There is a tuna-fish pita sammich with lettuce and avocado in the left box. In the little heart shaped cup is french pickles (very vinegary). In the right bento is jalapeno cheese with a penguin pick for eating and Kashi crackers. Then there is more tuna fish and some cucumbers.

I've ordered some new picks for my bentos. I need to figure out something else cute to do with cucumbers. :)
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Ahoy mateys, this bein' National Talk Like a Pirate Day, let's see some pirate-themed bentos out of you louts. Or you'll all be swabbin the deck! Or worse yet, it'll be a trip to the plank for ye! mxhashim has immunity, he does, for his wicked krakken bento. All the rest of ye, get cookin'! Argh!
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Smiling Sandwich

My co-workers laughed at me when they saw this come out at lunch time:

One of them said, "Somebody's got WAY too much time on her hands." Now that's more like it. ;)

For content list and to see the rest of the bento (there is a second tier) please see my blog.
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