September 17th, 2009


Bento # 622

I'd planned another leftover bento today - but then... there were no leftovers. Everything got eaten... So I had to make do with what was in the freezer- and fridge stash.

Bento # 622
Bento # 622
Alphabet pasta with spices and olive oil. Decorated with spicy baloney, cucumber, bell pepper and corn cob flowers. Corn cob, baby kiwi, rabbit-shaped egg. Chicken hotwings and a few Hello Kitty pasta.

584: rice and pork

I'm a little out of order here, this was yesterday's bento. I didn't snap a photo of today's! Too rushed in the mornings lately. Anyway, we have rice, furikake in the elephant, brussels sprouts, grapes and a pork cutlet that was broiled with a dry spice rub. She also had a sidecar with parmesian cheese and some crackers and more grapes. Her appetite is really big these days since she is dancing several times a week.

This is a new kind of Haiga rice. Normally I use Tamaki, which is fabulous -- nearly white and it cooks up very sticky and nice. This is another brand that my girlfriend bought and gave me some of. It's quite brown and cooks up very dry. I can't even make onigiri out of it. So, the Japanese moms are right when they say Tamaki is the best brand! For Haiga, it's the only one I'll get from now on. 

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cucumber stars

worked much better then pineapple ones. thank goodness, i was beginning to think i'd bought a defective star cutter or something >.>

top is the afore mentioned cucumber stars on a concord grape background.

bottom is couscous with cut up cherry tomatoes, shrimp steamed in my rice cooker, and cocktail sauce. i was going to put the cocktail sauce in my penguin for some cuteness, but i really like a lot of it with my shrimps and the food cup holds more.

Snack Bento

Hey folks... Here's a snack bento I put together for work. We have a long conference call every Tuesday that spans lunch, and I get too hungry to last.

Happy face peanut butter ball, oat squares cereal, granola bar, golden raisins and grapes on skewers.
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Kitty Bento

Here is the bento I did yesterday after a coworker complained that my bentos weren't "food art" any more. Geez!

Not real happy with how the mouth turned out - but I think I can fix it next time I try using the toothpick/food coloring method, if I just dab the surface with a paper towel first to make sure it isn't moist.
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