September 16th, 2009

Bento #5 Boring Bento in a Tiffin

I didn't feel like packing lunches last night after the swim meet so  I threw this together this morning.  It is a little boring.

Apple Slices, Natural Peanut Butter (minus bentobubba's cute PB face), Raspberries
Mini Dill Pickles, Peperoncini, Cherry Tomatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, Mini Turkey Sandwich (left over from last night's swim meet.  Baby Girl is NOT happy about the sandwich) 
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i am thinking i should of gotten more of a square style box, i have trouble coming up with ways to decorate the small rectangle beyond just cutting things into star/heart/flower shapes. can't really make a picture bento in that size box easily it seems. anyway, i'm just glad i'm still on a roll, i haven't bought lunch at work since i started this.

top has spinich, baby carrot stripe, cherry tomatoes. small side is black beans with green peppers and more tomatoes, perching crackers will go into the lid.

bottom is turkey with avocado in the small flower cup, and pineapple with concord sitting on it to continue my striped theme.
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Weddies day

Another lunch for the boyfriend and I.


In the smaller containers we have teriyaki chicken with mandarin oranges and some rice.
Then to share some strawberries, a couple more baby bel cheese mushrooms, and some reese peanut butter bites.
Then there's some soy, extra teriyaki just in case and my favorite kind of furikake in the monkey.
Happy Couple

Dahl Bentos

Made for bentochallenge, this week's challenge focuses on the works of the famous childrens books author, Roald Dahl.

First is "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
wonka vision

Top tier has 2 Ferrero Roche Chocolates, Cashews (for the nut sorting room,) Blueberries (for Violet Beauregard,) and "Snozzberries" (they're really raspberries though.)
Bottom tier has a Ham and Cheese "Golden Ticket" sandwich with seedless green grapes.

Next is "Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Foxy foxy

Top tier has Chicken Nuggets (you know, since foxes hunt for chickens,) and a Spam, cheese and nori fox on top of some Romaine Lettuce.
Bottom tier has Raspberries, an apple bunny (since rabbits are one of the many animals Mr. Fox shares his veggies with,) mini carrot coins, seedless green grapes and Wheat-thin crackers.

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Stir-fry noodles with snap-peas

Here I go again! Some trial-and-error here, but for the next time and the recipe, I know what to do better. :3

+ stir-fried noodles with bellpepper-flowers, snap-peas and egg
+ mini-strawberries and physalis
+ container with soysauce
+ container with sugar, as I had to realise the strawberry-season really is over and they don't taste particularly strawberryish anymore. :/

Recipe for the stir-fry noodles, including my sad mistake with the peas. :<

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I'm pretty proud of this lunch. :)


On the left, there's lentils with parmesan in the heart, a tub of organic applesauce, some Snapea Crisps, and a cereal bar. My daughter did not eat any of it, but I tried! (There's an organic fruit leather on top.)

On the right, there's a banana, and then from top left, clockwise, there's:

What was an onigiri that fell apart on top of some nori, and a mushroom/veggie bun
A hard-boiled egg and some more Snapea Crisps
Granola (that I got as a free sample in the mail) with a container of furikake and a container of Bragg's Aminos
Three sweet peppers stuffed with Laughing Cow cheese (these were AWESOME!) and some strawberries that my daughter did eat

Yum. :)
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Bento 09/15/09


I really like the pictures that came out for yesterday's bento.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to post it yesterday because I was falling asleep through the majority of my evening.

But here they are!!!!

By far, I think this is the prettiest picture I've ever taken of food. XD  Anyway, top, we have green beans and ham and slices of apricot.  Bottom, we have brown rice fried with tomatoes and Italian sausage as well as chicken fried with bamboo shoots and mushrooms.  Yum~!

You can tell I'm running out of ingredients and ideas, right? XD

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This is my very first post so I am going to start off by saying, I'm wicked sorry if I mess this post up (I'll be shocked if the picture shows up correctly)!  I wanted to do a bento in honor of the book that I am currently obsessing about.  99% of my lunches are plain and basic but this one I was proud of so I felt that I finally had one that was post-worthy.

Arms - ham and cheese on a wheat roll up (would have looked a lot more like the book if I used white flour tortillas)
Hands - I traced my 4 year old's hands on a wheat tortilla, cut it out and baked it in the oven over an apple to get them to curve in the way I wanted them to.
Black stuff on the bottom half - forbidden black rice
Black stuff in the triangle - Nori "lid" hiding some grapes

584 & 585: sandwiches and onigiri

Lordy it's been ages. Didn't bento much of the summer, then personal life got in the way with a few big upsets. Now Muffin is starting 8th grade and I'm back to bento-making. Here are two from this week. This one is onigiri filled with ham salad, grapes, egg, and broccoli. Cucumber rolls in sidecar, applesauce in pink pig container.

Ham sandwiches (we are working through a ham) in a new flattish "man bento" box. Side has grapes and cucumber. It's nice to be back!

sharing is fun - and cute!

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oh my goodness, if you dont keep on top of these photos every day, they really pile up!! here's every bento I've made since last I posted - to include a snacky bento, some new bento boxes that I got last weekend, and my first attempt at a cheesey cute creative thing!!

we can start w/the latest/cutest thing, and work backwards ;) close up of the froggie I made thanks to trekkiegrrrl's sending of a bear-shaped rice mold :D :D :D I must figure out how to do cute things better, seriously. strawberries w/cilantro just... not so good. :\

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....aaaand I think that catches me up for now. whew. I love making bentos!! ^_^

(but seriously if you guys have any tips/tricks for decorating the cheese so it doesnt look like a furry frog? that'd be awesome. thanks!!!)

Itty Bitty Bento

Mum is really stressed at work at the minute so she's not eating much.  I've cut down the size of the bento and made lots of little things that she can have at her desk and snack on, as I understand it, over the course of about 3 hours.  So long as she remembers to eat I'm happy!  Times like this are why I started making her bento as I once discovered that she hadn't had lunch at all one week as she was too busy to leave her desk!  We go on holiday for a much deserved break on Friday so no more bento making for a few weeks. 

She has an egg with a kitty of mayo, cucumber sticks, red pepper hummous, carrot and cucumber flowers, a strawberry sitting on top of carrot flowers and some mini Ryvita in the ziplock bag.  She also has a cupcake to tempt her to take at least 5 minutes out to eat it.   
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