September 15th, 2009


Bento # 620

Yet another "leftover" bento (so guess what we had for dinner *LOL*) - but at least this time, I managed - thanks to Chibibu and one of her wonderful Bento books - to decorate this in a rather nice fashion :)

Bento # 620
Bento # 620
Chili con carne and plain rice, decorated with meatloaf, carrots, snow peas and Chinese mushroom. Little bit of shizo-furikake sprinkled as "gravel"

Bento #4

Today's lunch:


Olive Oil and Pepper Triscuits
Sweet Pepper stuffed w/ Garlic & Herb Goat Cheese, Carrots, Broccoli, Chicken
Pineapple, Concord Grapes, Peperoncini & Mini Dill Pickles

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Krakken attacks

While this wasn't executed as well as I would have liked, my son designed the composition of this and told me how he wanted it to look.  He has an orange toy octopus that I used as a model for the krakken cutout but it looks more like a spider to me here and the eyes don't show up.  I would have liked the turkey sandwich boat to be darker but didn't have any dark bread.  Sail is pocky & cheese.  2 slices of turkey stromboli, raspberries, blanched snow peas and marshmallows round it out.  He liked it, but didn't love it.

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banana bread!

is not very pretty in a bento. i need to rethink how to pack it before i do this again. it's yummy at least. also, looking at it now, i should not of made today's bento when i was drunk last night. oh well.

top is cream cheese, crackers, and smoked salmon with spinach as a space filler. cream cheese is decorated with the cut out star from another day's babybell.

bottom is simply banana bread and concord grapes.

Lunch for the office

Here'a a simple bento typical of what I pack everyday. No special box, just a food storage container, but I like the creativity of arranging the food.

Colby jack cheese cubes, hummus with carrots, peanut butter ball with happy face, black grapes, crackers and cottage cheese with cherry jam.
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Bento #47 - #52

I have a few bentos to post. I haven't been able to post lately, so I have quite the backlog.

Top Tier: pork dumplings, squash stars, soy paste and a quail egg toadstool
Bottom Tier: snow peas and purple rice stars
Sidecar: asparagus, cherry tomato, squash and a quail egg toadstool

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New Sandwich Box

I just thought I would share the new sandwich box I got.

I got it at target in a set with a water bottle for 2.50.  I found it in the savings area when you first walk in the store.  They also have a Cars themed set as well.  The brand is zak! designs.


Faralle Arcobaleno

Totoro Handkerchief 091509_1

My boyfriend made dinner last night and I convinced him to make some extra so I could pack it for lunch (see my sneakiness?). He packed it in the bento box I originally got him. Later in the night I took it out of the fridge and smushed the pasta over some to make room for half of a custard bun, some raisins and an Anpanman chocolate! The Anpanman character is actually Baikinman (ばいきんまん) which means “bacteria man”. The chocolate came with a trivia question too:

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The pasta is rainbow bowties that I picked up on sale from World Market. The Italian word for it is faralle arcobaleno. The sauce is just jarred tomato sauce from Whole Foods with added basil and some jalapeno chicken sausage. The basil is homegrown by the way~ (not my house–my boyfriend’s mom’s). I wrapped everything up in a Totoro handkerchief that I bought from the loveghibli store. Surprisingly, the handkerchief is two centimeters larger than my furoshiki that I also ordered from there.

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Easy Gyoza Dumpling Maker - Fun To Make Wrappers At Home

This is a Cute Japanese gyoza dumpling maker. It is easy and fun to make that gyoza dumplings (gyoza wrappers) at home.

1-Press dumpling skin to cover the inside of the opened surface. 2-Press dumpling fillings (place fillings over the rounded dented portion). 3-Fold the dumpling-maker in half, then open. The dumpling is already shaped, ready to cook and serve!

*How to make gyoza on YouTube

You can arrange food inside of breads as you like.

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Bento # 621

After yesterday's admittedly cute cat-and-fish bento, it was somewhat of a challenge to come up with something that could rival it. And it doesn't. BUT.. I haz a new box! I got a nice big parcel from Japan today with, among other goodies, this incredibly CUTE cat-box. And while it looks very small, it actually holds a surprisingly large amount of food.

Oh and did I mention it was cute ;)

Also, I didn't tell my kid and she hasn't seen that box yet. So I hope she will like it. I considered saving it to her birthday (next week) but.. I've never been good at keeping secrets *L*

Bento # 621
Bento # 621
Mini corn cobs, tonkatsu, vietnamese spring rolls with vegetables. Baby kiwi and banana stars. Maccaroni bites with chili and tomato, decorated with two quail egg-chicks.


Hello Kitties!

For tomorrow's lunch there's: cucumber/cream cheese/ham rolls, a rolled egg sheet, a strawberry, a hard boiled Kitty egg, a homemade tollhouse cookie resting on cucumber chunks, and a sort of invented thing with pastry, cheese and spring onion, no idea what that'll taste like but in theory it should be good!

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