September 14th, 2009

#3 Bento--Baby Girl's Lunch


Animal Crackers
Plain Onigiri, Broccoli, Sweet Pepper stuffed with Garlic Herb Goat Cheese
Raspberries, Concord Grapes, Cherry Tomato, Mini Tamagoyaki

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Bentos 37, 38, and 39 Catching up

Bento 37:
pasta, beef and beans, cukes, carrots, olives tomatoes, fishpaste

Bento 38:
Two turkey and cheese buns,cukes,tomato, broccoli, daifuku

Bento 39:
PB and J, banana chips, cukes, tomatoes, sugar snaps, and cheese(thank god for stash and stand-bys!)

Thank you for looking!
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Bento #1

*waves* Long-time lurker here, finally decided to start posting.

This bento is for my husband, hence the "man-sized" bento :)

It's from earlier in the summer when cherries were in season.

bento: vegetarian,food

* Tier 1 – barley and container of soy sauce, fresh peas, tofu with Italian seasoning
* Tier 2 – mini Oreo cookies, carrot and cucumber sticks, cherries, blueberries, cottage cheese in a silicone muffin cup decorated with cherry tomato, blueberries and cucumber

Loafing Around Bento (goro-goro)

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Sept 10th
– My boyfriend made me a ham and baby spinach sandwich and I paired it with a heft parfait. I sliced a whole banana and then poured vanilla yogurt on top and packed cornflakes, graham crackers, and some locally-made granola to pair with it.

091109_2 091109_1
Sept 11th – Once again, I’ve been relying on my boyfriend to make sandwiches for me. Swiss, Ham, and baby spinach. I got to use my new Totoro container and put in two slices of chocolate roll, some un-frosted shredded wheat, a pumpkin candy, and some yogurt. This was actually too much, so the yogurt went uneaten. The yogurt is actually the recommended serving on the blueberry marshmallow bag! (recipe here.

Sept 14th – I literally grabbed random scraps of food around the house today. I think this is far too much food, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t go hungry through the day. Blue container has rice and some matzah crumbs with an ochazuke packet. Char siu bao (nikuman) in the plastic below and an adzuki layer cake to the right. The cake, which I had as a mid-morning snack with my coffee, was dry and very filling so I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all this lunch. Unfortunately, I bought too many things at my local patisserie and am now being forced to eat through them quickly before they go bad.

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I would like to thank...

...I'm not really sure actually. I want to thank who ever posted about that store Sugoi Life, and gave their website because that was a life saver. Ever since the Ichiban Kan website closed, I've been trying to find a cheap store that sells the same bento type things. It just so happens that I live about a half hour outside of Downtown LA, where one of the stores is located. I bought a crap load of things, all for $25! It was awesome.

Everyone should check it out (if you live in Cali), to see if there is a store located near you:

Thanks again!
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Bento noob reporting in.

*peeks in* Um, hello. ^^ First time poster, long time lurker here. apple_garden has been encouraging me to start making my own bento, so here I finally am, with my very first bento! It's not the greatest, but it think it could've ended up worse considering I never really cook anything (let alone try to make onigiri...), and I've never used an English kitchen to do so... It's surprisingly different from a Finnish one. x_x; *coughs* I managed to get the fire alarm going thanks to the gas stove.

Upper tier:
- onigiri rolled in furikake with an umeboshi puree filling
- two (rather wrinkly) octopus sausages
- boiled sugar snap peas with some oriental spice mixture on top
- strawberries
- pig-shaped soy sauce bottle

Lower tier:
- sushi rice with furikake sprinkled on top

I probably should have started with something easier but oh well, the kitchen didn't catch fire. :D Overall I'm satisfied with how it came out, but I think I overcooked the rice, it ended up SUPER sticky, almost porridge-like. T__T Any tips or pointers on that? Also a mental note to self; when it says on the umeboshi jar that you should use it sparingly, it really means VERY sparingly. My onigiri ended up as a salt bomb rather than a pleasant oriental adventure for the taste buds. :(

Anyway, hopefully you'll see more from me soon. ^^
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Been on here a week or so and i LOVE all the bento boxes i see! so yummy and creative. gives me lots of ideas! Anywho...I shall post bento pics maybe later or tomorrow once i MAKE my bento lunch but i my post reason is this:

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It is a rather small bento and i hope one day to upgrade to something bigger (because honestly, NOT ENOUGH FOOD XD) this bento has a removable divider. it CAME with chopsticks and a case but i since lost the case and the chopsticks. le sigh.

Other question since it is probably in the FAQ but i didn't see it: Any tips to keep the rice in my onigiri from going all dry and left overy on me? i am sure you know what i am talkin about when you have left over rice that is more than a day gets all ..unsoft...i wish i could describe it better. i guess i could microwave my rice balls, hmmm

Thank you! if this isn't something to be posted or i am doing something wrong feel free to tell me!

Mum's New Bento

My Mum was really excited today because her first box from J-list arrived! She got her very first bento, so I packed her a really nice lunch of leftover recipes I'd been trying.

Top Tier: Caprese salad with homegrown tomatoes and baby spinach lining the tier
Bottom Tier: Pizzatizers (recipe and idea stolen from Not Exactly Bento); Sesame Chicken; Ham, Cheese, Spinach Quiche

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Case of the Tuesdays?

Here is my lunch for tomorrow


In my Batman thermos I have some borscht (delicious) then in the box I have another baby bel cheese mushroom like I made yesterday and some multigrain triskets. In the other side I have a container of sour cream for the borscht, some green pepper and a strawberry.
totoro bento

Bento #246

I did my bento the "wrong way round" today - first I made the food for the bento, then I ate the leftovers for dinner :)
Big box (background): Couscous with chopped parsley, rucola and sundried tomatoes (dressed with some lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper)
Small box (foreground): Sliced organic tomato, corncob flowers and fried Halloumi on lettuce.


BFs bento and more photos on my bentoblog:
Keep Calm

Okonomiyaki Bento

Tomorrow's bento is once again made of leftovers.  I think I'm getting a lot better at dressing them up, although this photo seems to be at a really weird angle, no idea what I did there! Anyway, from top left there's okonomiyaki, cucumber slices, lemon posset, edamame, a strawberry and gyoza.  Pretty much what we had for dinner but I enjoyed it so much I have no complaints!
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