September 12th, 2009


NHK Bento Feature

Thought you all might be interested in this:

There was a recent post about Bento Boxes on NHK World. I've uploaded it to youtube and embedded it here.

It was originally aired October 24th, 2008 in Japan (though it looks like it's from the 90s...) and has been dubbed over in English in the recent release.

This is an interesting program about the history and use of bento, including:
  • Development of bento boxes in 16th century and their increase in popularity in the 17th
  • Materials
    • Wooden vs Plastic Bentos 曲げわっぱ
  • Users
  • Decoration (Sageju)
    • E-Maki 蒔絵
  • Bentos used in work, outings (hana-mi 花見), and celebrations



Dried Tomato Bento

Dried tomatos are my new hero! :D

+ mediteran-style rice
+ scrambled eggs

+ a chicken-and-dried-tomatoes bun inspired heavily by this recipe, though in rather lose variation with chicken, tomatoes, wine and soysauce (they wouldn't close for the love of the gods - I fail! :D )
+ leftover bun-fillings, because they were too yummy to waste
+ sugarpeas
+ a panda saucebottle