September 10th, 2009


Bento # 617

Sort of a paisley pattern going on with the prawns.. I thought it looked pretty...

Bento # 617
Bento # 617
macaroni bits with peas, decorated with spicy prawns and broccoli. Chicken hotwing, bell pepper Pooh bear, quail egg-and-baloney flower. More broccoli. Kiwi.

First Bento

Hi there, I have been making bento for my girls and myself for over a year.   This is the first one I am sharing, this is Baby Girl's lunch today:

(apologies for the poor photo quality, had to use my cell phone camera, new camera to arrive today)

Pineapple, Raspberries, Concord Grapes and Broccoli ( I grew the raspberries and grapes)
Red Beans and Rice
Animal Crackers

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Highlighting a fellow Bento Blogger

I hope this is allowed.
I get asked all the time about my bentos, the why's and how's, and I simply cannot express the beauty, simplicity, and very green nature of bentos. I found on Basic Obento a post I simply must share with all. It has clear cut argument for using bentos, not just for cute food, but for healthy, nutitious foods, plus little to no waste. Please, take a moment to read her post, it won't even take you five minutes, but it might change how you see all things bento.


First grade started yesterday.  There was a bento yesterday, but it did not meet LittleMans' standards, and he made that known... "you didn't do your best mom.. I wanted an *angry* monster, not a cute one".   I didn't think angry was the way to start the school year.  But, no pic from yesterday. 

Today was by request, made under 6yr old supervision, of a character he knows absolutely nothing about and has never seen but knows he is Popular (which was also his request on the second day of school last year.. he said I did a better job this time).  Pikachu from cheese on a turkey sandwich, with a carved apple, cuke & carrot flowers, red pepper halves (that look like cute little hats, or dragon scales, or any number of things) and some hello panda cookies.  He is under duress that if he does not eat his vegetables he will get a plate of steamed cauliflower for dinner (not his favorite vegetable). 

I hope everybody who bentos for school lunches had a great summer, and wishing all of our children a safe, happy and productive school year.

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Frozen Foods?

Hi all, I need some help. :) My mom and I are trying to get into bento making, but I already get up at 5 AM so waking up half an hour early to cook is kind of a pain. So, what I'm looking for is suggestions on foods that can be prepared in large quantities and take to freezing well for easy bento preparation. Thank you in advance! (healthy foods are also a plus, since we're using bentos for weight loss and portion control)

free lunches for kids

I'm not a fan of lunchables.  I don't think any of us are.  They have redesigned their product though and are having a promotion to support some hunger relief charities.  This, I do support, and LittleMan gets a note in his lunch every day anyway, which I do to trick him into reading new words.  Here's a link to their program with some cute notes to print out - I use oragami paper but only because I have a lot of it around the house that isn't getting folded.. these notes are cute though....
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(no subject)

I was shopping with my sister and my 14 month old niece the other day and my sister bought tiny baby pasta. They had all sorts of cool shapes and mini ravioli, and I thought these would be awsome for bento. My question is as they have added vitamins and minerals would they be ok for an adult to eat on a regular basis?
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got a new onigiri mold

i got a new toy from amazon, so of course i had to play with it.

top is a small piece of steak over spinach, mini-banana, 2 strawberries, and some hershey's kisses.

bottom is on a bed of spinach, small container has blue cheese, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and onigiri with smoked salmon.

oh, and i borrowed someone else's idea, and i put crackers in the chopstick spot in the box lid. i think they might get crushed up a bit, but in that case, go croutons!

Bento # 618

Mostly leftovers, but because of that, and because it's Friday tomorrow, which is the longest day at school (poor kid...) I got to use my HUGE Kitty box (900 ml!) for once.

Bento # 618
Bento # 618
Chicken nuggets, leek, green asparagus. Sweet chili sauce for the nuggets hidden under a bell pepper "beak" Pasta in cheese sauce, with strips of ham and lots of parmasan.


First Post!

Hi all, I've been watching this comm for a long time and drooling over all your bentos.

I finally have a decent bento to post.. lol

2 eggs, garlic butter asparagus, teriyaki chicken, black pepper spaghetti and lots of parmasen cheese. YUM!

Prepared by my dear fiance, who specially woke up early to cook breakfast for me to takeaway to the office. It was more yummy than it looks... and yes, it was such a huge portion that I had to eat it for lunch as well =P