September 9th, 2009

09/08/09 Bento

So today I made bento for two friends, Rich and waskabi, and myself.  I meant to wake up at five to get it ready, but since I didn't sleep much the day before, I woke up an hour and a half late...and to the oddest dream too (which really didn't hit me until later on in the morning) but ANYWAY!!!

Here is the bento...consisting of (from top left to right) sliced strawberry and two grapes, fish cake, (and although you can't see it) under the fish cake, there are sauteed mushrooms, fish fried with soy sauce, and kangkong in garlic powder.  Then, in the middle you have brown rice seasoned with salmon furikake.  Below that is something new, faux Bombay potatoes made with turnips.  Then at the bottom right, it's leftover pesto pasta from lunch yesterday.

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Another Wednesday concert on the square, another bento lunch!


In the blue Hello Kitty box, bat-shaped sunflower-seed-butter sandwich, tiny heart-shaped silicone container of avocado, cheese cut in shapes, Laughing Cow cheese with a heart cut out of it. There's also a tiny bottle of Bragg's Aminos in there.

Left side of yellow bento - mushroom bun, onigiri (avocado and wasabi), surrounded by Snapea Crisps
Right side of yellow bento - furikake container, edamame, another bun

Water in the bottle, applesauce and cereal bar for my daughter on the side.

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Toddler's Lunch

I have a two year old boy who I am making bento lunches two days a week while he goes to preschool.  I make him him crustless sammies and hotdog octopusses but I am fresh out of ideas. He eats most anything but he needs to eat it by himself.  I just bought a boiled egg press to turn eggs into cars but I am at a standstill on whatelse to make.  Your suggestions are much appreciated.



Bento # 616

For once, a bento for ME! Which means I could go wild and actually use *gasp* RICE in a bento *L*

And then I go and use it for some lame triangular onigiri... But well.. they're tasty. And I DID pit a froggie in for the cute factor *L*

Bento # 616
Bento # 616
Onigiri with tuna salad, one of them rolled in tarako-furikake. Cucumber froggie. Cheese stars. Slalmi- & quail egg flowers. cherry tomato. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Sautéed green asparagus tied in a spring onion band.


Spinach & Cheese Ravioli, Various Sweets

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Basil and Parmesan Reggiano


Lunch: Raisins, Parmesan reggiano in the container, matzah, un-frosted shredded wheat, blueberry marshmallow/yogurt concoction. Spinach and cheese ravioli with basil sprinkled with Parmesan reggiano, Shilla chocolate coconut roll cake on the side.

The yogurt is actually the recommended serving on the blueberry marshmallow bag! (recipe here) I didn't have any fruit sauce (fruit syrup here) and I'll take into consideration the addition of cornflakes. Maybe little mochi bites would taste good too?

Full details, including info about the cupcake I ate for breakfast here:
totoro bento

Bento #243

Sorry about the horrible lighting in this one - I was zoned out on cough syrup in the evening and had to make this in a hurry in the morning, no time to fiddle around with the camera!
Plain onigiri, homegrown cherry tomatoes and a toffee in the big compartment, a mini quiche, broccoli and a carrot heart in the small one.
I was so glad for bento staples in this one - but now I have to restock on all of them! Especially the quiches.


My bentoblog:
Keep Calm

Basic Leftover Bento

Yay for Babybel or this would be totally lacking in the cute department!  This one has leftover chicken curry on rice, a little caramel cream tart, also a leftover, some cucumber slices, a fruit gummy and the aforementioned lunchsaving babybel. 

This is one of those lunches that caused me to stop posting but, true to my aim, I have posted every lunch since and so this one is here too! 
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