September 8th, 2009


Bento # 614

A little better than yesterday, but still not really up to par. Not sure why. I look in my bento books and see lots of ideas.. but for whatever reason I just fail in getting them executed.

But at least it's tasty, right? *L*

Bento # 614
Bento # 614
Grapes on skewers. Brownie. Stir-fried vegetables in oyster sauce. Tonkatsu with tonkatsu sauce. Pasta bites with cheese and spices, decorated with corn cob slices, green pasta and a baloney-rabbit.

Gashlycrumb Tinies

From Lurker to Poster

Hi all! I joined this comm over the summer and with school starting soon (like, this Thursday), I thought I'd finally start posting since I plan on using bentos for my lunches this year.

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Now, I have to go food shopping tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone has had bento staples they could suggest. I plan on looking for some good rice and nori to attempt my own rolls.

Thanks all!

Daughter's first day of school bento

My baby is in the first grade this year, and eating lunch at school. She requested sushi for her first lunch! That's my girl!

Sushi with fake crab, cuke and carrot, oyster sauce chicken, broccoli, tomatoes and cukes, plus two gummies. Cut up peach not pictured.

Hubby's bento, sushi, deviled chicken, cilatro shrimps, tomatoes and cukes. Banana and snack mix not pictured.

no-food-in-the-house bento

"no-food-in-the-house" bento, originally uploaded by G uillotine.

boring bento for tomorrow.
premade tuna sushi, frozen edamame, and a fruit salad.
not pictured: a piece of mark's mom's cinnamon cake in a hello kitty bag.

my mom's just had surgery, and nobody's had time for shopping, so this is basically all the food in our house, haha.
and the only reason we have the fruit is because my mom got an "edible arrangement" for her surgery. :P

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shrimp, home-made coctail sauce in the silicone cup, brocoli hiding under shrimp. penguin with blue cheese dressing, strawberry filler. salt in the little cat cup.

baby carrots, the last of my concord grapes, babybel with star cut out, wax star decorating supposedly star shaped egg (my last eggs were too big for my egg shapers, i think these are too small).

Bento # 615

So, since tomorrow is 09.09.09 and that's a cool date (I love that kind of numbers) I decided to celebrate it in tomorrow's bento.
My kid is doing "something" at 09:09 at school. Their teacher wouldn't tell them what, so it's going to be exciting...

Bento # 615
Bento # 615
Black squid-ink pasta and pasta stars, decorated with quail egg- and cheese bunnies, a cheese moon and -star and broccoli "landscape" Fish fillet with remoulade, more broccoli with 090909 made of carrot. Quail egg/salami flower. Banana stars with chocolate chips.

sharing is fun - and cute!

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hello hello!!

I had a funky week last week and ended up not making bentos every day, and this week I am sadly being sent out of town for work tomorrow and won't get to make any more this week either!! GAH!! BUT!! I do have lots of photos of the bentos I haven't had a chance to share yet. and oh my goodness, my star cutter - I love it!!

husband's bento on sept 1. staaar carrots, rice, frozen peas, and sauce.

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Tomorrow's lunch has chicken and mushroom risotto with a little cup of creme fraiche on the right and on the left a slice of lemon tart, a babybel, a fruit gummy, ham and soft cheese rolls and cucumber hiding under that.  Not the world's best bento but I am determined to post them all! 
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