September 7th, 2009


Homemade gyoza and fritata bento

I decided to be adventurous tonight, I had a few leftovers I wanted to use but nothing else readliy available so I made a mini fritata in the blini pan.  I think they're selling them as egg pans these days, it's basically an itty bitty frying pan, but I've been meaning to try making a little fritata in it for at least a year now.  I'm pleased to say the experiment worked out!  Perfect bento size. 

I also decided to make gyoza. I had some pork filling left over from making nikuman and a bunch of dumpling wrappers I'd yet to try using.  The last, and only, time I made gyoza was 3 years ago and I was being supervised by my Japanese teacher.  I think I remembered how but they're far from perfect.  Hopefully they'll still taste ok.  Apart from those there's a babybel, some edamame, a few chicken nuggets and a homemade chocolate pudding along with two soy fish and a strawberry gummy. 
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Twin Bentos

Now that my summer job is over and I'm back at school, I have little reason to make packed lunches anymore. But I was feeling tired and scattered and wanted to do something small and satisfactorily creative without the pressure of taking on a large project, and so I made two twin bento lunches for myself and for my roommate (who packs lunch half of the week anyway) to eat tomorrow.

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Bento # 613

This is admittedly one of my lamer bentos. But I had the stir fry as leftover from dinner, and a long time ago, I froze a portion of rice in that thermal container - so it was a fairly easy one to make. Well except that I spent an insane amount of time speculating over WTF I should put in the last container. That's why it's rather.. blah and unhealthy. But well.. sometimes it's ok to make a "snack", too :)

Bento # 613
Bento # 613
Grapes on skewers, hiding a brownie. Banana slice and mini grissini. A cucumber heart is hidden under the silicon heart cup to get it a little higher up. Rice, decorated with a meatloaf-Mickey and some cucumber stars, sprinkled with some paprika. Pork and vegetable-stir fry with a yellow bell pepper Pooh on top.

I haven't posted for a while =O !

I have to make my own meal so I try to make cool stuffs ! (Not stuffs like Onigiri or anything else, I just decided to cook more ! =D)
So, on the top there's homemade feta Samossas (I don't know the english name. We call it Bricks in france).
On the right, carrots, gressinis and cheese ("Caprice des Dieux", I love it *_*). On the left,white and blake grapes.
Have a nice day !
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very hurried bento

i never work mondays, but i had to work today for the holiday. i threw lunch together in like 3 mins when i remembered i needed to go to work >.>

top is concord and champagne grapes, strawberries, hershey's kisses, and peanuts.

bottom is a small can of tuna (ugly but yummy /sigh) penguin with mayo standing on more champagne grapes, and rosemary crackers.
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I haven't posted in a looooong time, but since school has started back I have been making bento lunches for my 6 year old daughter.

Chicken and Veggie Corn Muffin
Snack Mix
Mini Chocolate Chip Muffin
Peanut Butter Fluff