September 5th, 2009

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i <3 corn salad

which is good, bc i made way too much for dinner yesterday. on my 4th work-day in a row with a bento to bring.

top is raspberries and concord grapes, plain yogurt in the side with a strawberry heart.

bottom is corn salad with chicken and babybel hearts (and less photogenic peices of chicken hiding underneath)

small container is wheatgerm for the yogurt, i tucked it into the corn salad after the photo-op.
Hello Ktulu!

Bento Box #68

Contents: mixed salad and ham on olive oil white bread sandwich, carrot coins and a couple of cheese "candies" cutouts.
Yay for the return of the lovely yellow sandwich box and for the new food cutter!

Week of Leftovers Bento

0831009_1 0831009_2

Aug 31st – These are some of the leftovers from making the special fashion show bento on Sunday. On the left is some okonomiyaki-takoyaki balls with Remy’s brother from Ratatouille sticking out. The red container behind him holds the different sauces (kewpie, okonomiyaki, bonito flakes). The smaller picture to the left shows the okonomiyaki all dressed-up and ready to eat. On the left is a char siu bao (nikuman in Japanese) and some pieces of a brownie cake cookie thing I picked up from the local Korean bakery.

090209_1 090209_2

Sept 2nd – These were leftovers from a great meal I had the day before with my friend Stephanie. Stephanie needed cheering up from her horrible job so I brought a goodie bag and we went out to eat at a local Indian restuarant named Jaipur. We had ordered Paneer-Pakora, Garlic Naan, and each an entree (chicken for her, lamb curry for me). I also ordered some naan and Kadhai Chholey to go for my boyfriend with like three containers of mint chutney. As you can imagine, we both went home with bags full of food and I used them to make lunch for me and my boyfriend. My Ms. Bento holds some rice and Rarah Maas with some garlic naan on the side. White bean and walnut manju for dessert and chai tea to drink


Sept 4th – This isn’t a bento, but it’s made with all the love leftover from our five year anniversary the day before!The bread is from our dinner the night before at Inox, and has turkey, roasted red pepper hummus and oodles of baby spinach. Shilla bakery coffee manju and a canteloupe yogurt.

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The kidlet went to visit his grandparents for the weekend so naturally I packed a bento for the road:

Upper tier: fresh blueberries, roasted chickpeas with tamari and crackers.
Bottom tier: still more blueberries, a Babybel cheese still in its wax wrapper and a hardboiled egg cut in two.

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top section is salad (boring i know, but i had lettuce to use up) and a babybel with a flower cut out with my new veggie cutters (which are too big to use on babycarrots unfortunately)

bottom is pinwheels made of: tortilla, cream cheese, red chili jelly, and turkey. penguin has dressing for my salad, and i tucked in a hershey's kiss.