September 3rd, 2009


Bento # 611

A rather lame looking bento, but there's more to it than what meets the eye. See, the non-rice layer is double. Under the two paper cups are hidden an apple bunny and a brownie (courtesy of my work - we hand out brownies for the First Class train passengers this month ;) )

So although this may look rather boring, it actually contains a lot. And of course the rice and chicken is (as always) leftovers from dinner *L*

Bento # 611
Bento # 611
Mixed vegetables in curry sauce. Indian-style curried chicken scraps. Jasmine rice with cardamom and curry, decorated with a baloney Mickey Mouse. Under the veggies and chicken is hidden one brownie and an apple bunny.

Getting into trouble

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Hi bentolunch!

Yesterday began a month of bento-making opportunities for me - weekly outdoor lunchtime concerts. Exciting! Here's yesterday's lunch that I shared with my daughter:


On the left, cereal bar, edamame, avocado in a heart-shaped silicone cup, sealed cup of organic applesauce. Utensils hiding in the bottom.
Middle, lentils with parmesan and olive oil [which never got eaten], steamed mushroom/spinach bun (or was it seaweed? not sure)
Right, pasta salad (with artichoke hearts, mozzarella, onions, white beans), roasted tomatoes (fresh from my friend's garden and roasted in my oven with coriander and sea salt) with mozzarella (aka perfection)

A water bottle, a box-of-milk, and a Whole Foods soda to drink.

This was a bit messy for the setting (but delicious) so next week's will probably be packed with ease/neatness in mind. :)

My first Bento Challenge Bento

This was my first entry to Bento Challenge. It's not terribly exciting. I didn't really plan on much bento-ing besides leftovers this week, but I did with what I had.

This is Blackbird. I have a bird with a broken wing flying into the night.

Rice with tuna and soy for the sky. Cheese decorations. Bird colored with food markers.
Mandarin orange slices. Boiled egg bunny and bear. The bear came barely came out so it can't really be seen.

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